Away from petty politics, COVID-19, Bibi’s trial, and the threats of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas; this year, the wonderful Independence Day civilian and military pageant on Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl obviously had to be downsized. There was no stirring march-past of IDF soldiers, but simply the traditional honoring of 12 Israeli men and women, civilian volunteers, who do wonderful voluntary work for their fellow citizens. Presented to the nation, they represent the 12 tribes of the ancient Jewish people. And flanked by a female and male soldier, they proudly declare what they do, and then, with the entire nation watching on TV, they light a torch on Mt. Herzl. And the next day came the flyover of Israeli aircraft. This year they were directed over hospitals to salute the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who risk their lives in treating corona patients.

But this year, the “top secret” of Israel’s rebirth and survival against incredible odds was also exposed.

It was clear for all of Israel’s enemies and friends to see – its 18-20-year-old men and women in uniform. Elsewhere, in other democracies such as America, Canada, Britain, etc. they would be living the relatively carefree lives of freshmen and women, sophomores, and juniors at university, preparing for their future careers. Here in Israel, they spend nearly three arduous years, at times risking their lives, defending their country. Without their dedication and sacrifice, Israel, one of the most ancient nations in the UN, would never have been reborn. Nor would it have survived to this very day, when it is still threatened with extermination.

So, take a deep breath and hold one for the next two exposés!


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