Prof. Ariel Rubinstein

Prof. Ariel Rubinstein (Photo: Koby Kalmanovich)
Prof. Ariel Rubinstein
(Photo: Koby Kalmanovich)

Professor Ariel Rubinstein is awarded the EMET Prize for his innovative research and its contribution to the formation of modern economic theory, for his unique contribution in the fields of economic theory and Game Theory and for presenting a strategic approach to the issue of bargaining, an approach that bears his name.

Professor Ariel Rubinstein was born in Jerusalem in 1951. He received his academic training at the Hebrew University, where he completed his B.Sc. in Mathematics and combinations (1974), his M.A. in economics (1975) and an M.Sc. in mathematics (1976). In 1979 he was awarded a PhD in economics, supervised by Menachem Yaari. He attended further studies at Nuffield College in Oxford and at Bell Laboratories. In 1981 he joined the Hebrew University staff, and has been a member of faculty at the Tel Aviv University since 1990. He also served as a professor at Princeton University and currently at New York University.

His studies and academic work deal with the basic concepts of economic theory, Game Theory and with modeling “bounded rationality”. He has also written about methodological issues in Economics. Over the years he has written five books and 77 essays. In recent years he has also published articles in the Hebrew press.

He was elected a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences (1995), a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Sciences (1994) and the American Economic Association (1995). In 1985 he was elected a member of the Econometric Society, and served as its president in 2004. In 2002 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Tilburg University. He has received the Bruno Prize (2000), the Israel Prize (2002) and the Nemmers Prize (2004).

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