Iran Inspired Devastating Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Installation

ISRACAST UPDATE: 21:00, 15/09/2019

Screen shot of Saudi Arabian Aramco oil Refinery burning after drone attack

It is a safe bet that Tehran instigated the horrendous attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations. In fact, the Iranians themselves may have actually launched the drones or rockets at the Aramco Site that has slashed production in half by 5.7 million barrels daily. There’s no question that Shiite Iran has drastically escalated its ongoing war with Riyadh using the Houthi rebels as a proxy in neighboring Yemen. Saudi Arabia has been shocked to the core.

So what happens next? According to foreign reports, Riyadh has been forging quiet, strategic cooperation with Israel against Iran. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Therefore, it is conceivable that Saudi Arabia may now seek to upgrade this collaboration.

At least one leading Israeli commentator warned that Iran might now be tempted to launch such an attack against Israel, in this case, by another proxy, Hezbollah, in southern Lebanon. However, IsraCast believes that this is unlikely. Israel has a proven Iron Dome and Arrow Defence system now in place. Moreover, Tehran is fully aware that Israel would retaliate very hard, not only in Lebanon but also against Iran itself.

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