Fight tooth decay with electricity

The gel tray filled with gel and suitable to external power supply
The gel tray filled with gel and suitable to external power supply

The Israeli company Fluorinex Active has developed a new technology for fighting tooth decay. The company is currently working on a small device which together with a gel will impose an efficient ion exchange process through an Electro-chemical reaction in which fluor ions displace the Hydroxide ions at the outer layer of the tooth. This is intended to produce a new mineral layer with significantly improved chemical and physical resistance to the aggressive bacteria and the resulting acidic environment in the mouth.

The technology uses an existing fluoride-based gel along with a device which produces a small electric current (6-9 volt, at low amperage) to achieve activation of the teeth that will enable the formation of a genuine electrolyte when activated. This in turn enhances the fluor ion attraction to the teeth and its exchange that transforms into a highly resistant and protective mineral layer.

In the past there have been a number of attempts to create a lasting layer of protective coating over the teeth but all of them had failed due to a weak adherence of the fluor ions and rapid loss of fluorides.

010206tech02Fluorinex claims the new product will be able to give protection for up to five years and will be administered by a simple procedure at the dental clinic. The new device should be ready for commercial use in a year and a half and is currently undergoing clinical trials after extensive research had been done at the Hebrew University last year.

Fluorinex is currently hosted in the NGT technological incubator in Nazareth where Arab and Jewish researchers and entrepreneurs work together to develop new cutting edge technologies. Fluorinex itself is a prime example of such cooperation bringing the technical expertise of Kamal Khawaled and Dr. Otman Zuabi together with that of CEO David Tavor, a highly experienced manager of several pharmaceutical companies and a former fighter pilot and Colonel in the Israeli Air Force.

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