President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton applaud during the 20th anniversary of the AmeriCorps national service program on the South Lawn of the White House, Sept. 12, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Hopefully, the answer is yes. At the UN, the representatives of France, Britain, and Germany have sent an urgent request warning of Iran’s nuclear-related activities. For example, their intensive development of ballistic missiles such as Shahab-3 capable of delivering nuclear warheads; this despite the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) agreement engineered by former US President Barack Obama in 2015.

Consider this: there are two primary components for delivering a “mushroom cloud” over your intended target – a nuclear warhead and a delivery system. Of course, America had no ballistic missiles for the two atomic bombs they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. They were dropped from conventional bombers that could be shot down easily today by missile defenses. 

So, ballistic missiles have been developed to travel most by an ingenious trajectory and land with pinpoint accuracy, even thousands of miles away. This crucial delivery aspect was totally ignored by former US President Obama. He kicked the can down the road, so to speak, when he engineered a JCPOA accord in 2015, effectively placing Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities into cold storage, hopefully for 15 years (when Obama will no longer be manning the White House). 

Since then, the fanatical Ayatollahs in Tehran have been busy as bees developing their Shahab-3 ballistic missiles. The bottom line is that this delivery system may eventually be launched at London, Paris, or Vaughan, just as easily as at Tel Aviv. Maybe easier, considering Israel Arrow Defense Shield. So, Therefore there is a good reason that three western European allies may be seeking a security council inquiry into what Iran is quietly doing (aside from painting “death to Israel” on the Shahab missiles). 

Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

Whether you love or hate US President Donald Trump, he is an expert at identifying phony deals. He woke up one day and said, ‘I know a lousy deal when I see one’! The JCPOA is limited in time, and then it runs out for some other sucker in the White House to deal with (this, in effect, is what transpired for Bill Clinton’s nuclear deal with North Korea that has now come to its dismal fruition on Trump’s watch). 

It appears that even US presidents sometimes follow Nevile Chamberlain’s “peace for our time” policy. Hold on just a minute, is yours truly in Jerusalem comparing Obama’s JCPOA with Munich? Yes, when a crucial political decision seeks a short-term solution (while he is in office) and ignores what should be clearly evident are his adversary’s long-term goals left for his successor to cope with the fallout. And after Obama happily delivered an additional economic incentive to the Ayatollahs, did they suddenly see the light and cease their diabolical deeds as “the world’s number one supporter of international terrorism,” as deemed by the US State Department? On the contrary, void by the billions of US dollars flowing into Tehran, the religious autocracy has stepped up the steady campaign to dominate their Arab neighbors, and, of course, steered full steam ahead on their crucial ballistic missiles program.

Just look at Tehran’s track record since 2015… 

  • Taking a tour, starting in Lebanon, where the proxy Hezbollah now dominates this forlorn country and is far more powerful than the actual Lebanese army, which is at peace with Israel’s IDF. Hezbollah is also part of the crooked government that has impoverished the Lebanese people who have been rioting in the streets of Beirut, demanding a new deal. 
  • In Syria, Tehran has sent its Quds foreign force to preserve President Bashar Assad, the butcher of Damascus, in power while he massacres tens of thousands of his citizens, some by chemical weapons and forcing hundreds of thousands of others to flee the country. 
  • Iranian missile reading in Hebrew letters ‘Israel must be wiped out!’

    In Iraq, the Iranians are also part and parcel of a crooked Shiite Muslim regime that has exploited Iraqi Sunni Muslims, many of whom are up in arms, literally.

  • Meanwhile, the Iranians have instigated a civil war in neighboring Yemen and employ their favorite tactic of a proxy military force, the Huthi Rebels, against Saudi Arabia. Indeed, this Sunni Arab monarchy is the “apple of the eye” of the Shiite Muslim Ayatollahs in Tehran. This brings us full circle to Iran’s devastating guided-missile attack that demolished Saudi oil refineries on September 25th. The effectiveness of this missile strike shocked everyone, including Israel. 
  •  Last but not least, Tehran has also been instigating Islamic Jihad and Hamas into digging attack tunnels under the border into Israel, as well as launching rockets at the Jewish state that give Israeli civilians in the area all of 15 seconds to make it to a bomb shelter. 

This is the reality created by President Obama’s “cooperation” agreement. 

Israel launches its own ballistic missile

Just in, Israel has just launched one of its own ballistic missiles from a test site on the Mediterranean coast. The Ynet news agency reports that it tested the navigation of the Jericho missile. Foreign reports said that the Jericho has a range of several thousand miles and can be armed with a nuclear warhead. 

Internal Politics

PM Netanyahu in Davos, Switzerland

No doubt about it, Israel is careening toward another general election, a record third within one year! The polls indicate that it could end up in another dead-heat like the two previous ballots that left both the incumbent Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and the opposition Benny Gantz of Blue and White unable to cobble a 61-majority in the 120-member Knesset. Although Netanyahu has already been indicted on three charges of bribery and fraud, he protests that he is as clean as a whistle, and demands that he carry on as Prime Minister. 

The two main parties agreed to divide the four-year premiership in half, meaning that each would serve two years in the top post. However, both insist that they be PM in the first two-year term of such a rotation plan. It would appear that Bibi is so adamant because, with his trial coming up shortly, he prefers to enter the Jerusalem court with all of the prestige as Prime Minister, and not perceived as a crooked politician waltzing in, smoking an expensive Cuban cigar in one hand and a glass of champaign in the other!

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