Trump has the Goods on Iran for Downing Ukranian Airliner

Iranians say that they invented the modern game of chess, but it is unlikely they would admit that Donald Trump has check-mated them, for now at least. After apparently being shown US satellite photos proving an Iranian missile blew up the Ukrainian airliner just after takeoff from Iran, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared, “I want answers!” 

Screenshot of debris cleaning in the aftermath of Ukranian plane crash

All 176 passengers and crew were killed – 63 Canadian citizens, and a total of 183 passengers were bound for Toronto. What can be assumed to have happened? Apparently, in a state of high tension after the Iranian missile attack on the American bases in Iraq, a heated-up Iranian crew launch the Iranian missile, possibly thinking it was an Amerian military jet. This also explains why the Iranians quickly “cleaned up” all the debris at the crash site and initially declared they would ban all foreign investigators, including from Boeing, they produced the airliner. 

This recalls Iran’s “cleanup” of its nuclear weapons facilities before permitting international investigators to visit them. So now, President Trump has the goods on the Iranians, meaning Ayatollah Khamenei will also face a substantial financial compensation package to the families of the victims as well as Ukranian airlines.

The mistaken identification recalled a similar incident in Syria in 2018. A Syrian anti-aircraft missile crew shot down a Russian military transport believing it was an Israeli jet. All 15 crew members were killed; however, President Putin blamed Israel, whose aircraft had earlier flown a mission over Syrian but were back in Israeli airspace when the Syrians launched the missile. In that case, the Israeli jets were flying over Syria to prevent another Iranian shipment of advanced weapons to its Hezbollah proxy in neighboring Lebanon. But Putin charged Jerusalem for ultimate responsibility by not giving them sufficient advanced warning.

Question number 1: There would seem to be a conclusion from these two weird incidents … draw your own

Question number 2: If Israel has a Satelite in space, keeping an eye on the Middle East – hmmm…

Question number 3: What conclusion is North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, drawing from Trump’s handling of the Iranian confrontation? 

Israel presents new laser weapon

The Israeli defense minister has announced the development of a new laser weapon to replace its Iron Dome Missile Defense. It will not only be able to intercept Palestinian rockets from Gaza, but will also destroy enemy mortar bombs, anti-tank guided missiles, artillery shells, and drones. If it’s all it’s cracked up to be, it could be a game-changer. Not only will the new laser weapon be far more effective than the Iron Dome, but it will also cost a minute fraction of Iron Dome’s $49,000 price tag for each interception. However, it will still be some time before this new laser weapon is in the field. Israel is considered to be among the leading countries in high-power lasers.

Guess which foreign military will be the first to benefit from Israel’s laser breakthrough? That’s right – the US army. If so, it will follow the Israeli Airforce’s ongoing contribution to the US Airforce over the years, such as supplying a brand new Russian MIG-21 fighter, as well as other innovations, including the combat testing of American-built F-35 fight bombers.

Israel bombarded … by torrential rainfall

Believe it or not, a current crisis between the US and Iran sometimes took second place in Israeli headlines this past week. The heaviest rainstorms in over 50 years drenched most of the country, resulting in several deaths and flooding several towns and villages. The region of Galilee was hit hardest, followed by Tel Aviv. It was yet another manifestation of global warming.

While Australia and its poor koala bears are being burnt to a crisp, Israel was close to a state of emergency from the extreme rainfall. Some schools were closed, people were warned to stay indoors, and scores of stranded vehicles were everywhere. Northern Israel was hit hardest due to its topography. The dense, dark rain clouds came racing in from the Meditteranean Sea to dump vast quantities of rain over the rising inland ridge of Galilee. This sudden downpour creates torrents in the sometimes-dry river beds that race down to the coastal plain, sweeping away just about everything in its path. 

It is not that the water level is so high, but the fact that the sudden flow races in at a fantastic speed. For example, the town of Nahariya, in the western Galilee, was brought to a virtual standstill. In one case, a young man went to rescue a mother and her children who were caught in their stranded car and in danger of being swept away and drowned. He managed to get them out and to safety, but weakened by his effort, he was swept off his feet by the torrent that carried him away. His body was found later, some distance from his heroic deed.

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