The world is helpless against jihad

Op-ed: After 9/11, it seemed the world would be never be the same, that it was waking up, beginning to understand; but jihad has become stronger and more murderous, and the free world is even more powerless.

worjrw-190It’s no longer a war with a radical organization. It’s something else. Something the human mind finds difficult to deal with. There are wars. There is brutality against rivals and enemies. There are exceptions in every war. But when it comes to jihad, horror is a norm. Slaughtering a person in front of the cameras appeared to be the lowest point. We were wrong. The burning of the Jordanian pilot clarifies that we are witnessing something much darker. Pure evil that is turned into a snuff film.

Make no mistake. The Islamic State is not just the organization operating in Syria and Iraq. Why in the past year we saw schoolchildren being massacred and entire villages being burned down with their residents in Pakistan and Nigeria. There is no real different between Boko Haram, the Taliban and ISIS. ISIS just likes to do it in front of the cameras.

We should pay attention to the numbers. In 2013, jihad killed 17,958 people. In 2014, the death toll jumped to 32,007. We are not talking about wars. We are only talking about jihad massacres. Tens of thousands are a statistic. One slaughter, followed by others, and the burning of a man alive, are making the full scope of the horror clear.

The free world is helpless. So is the Muslim world. It’s helpless in the face of the thousands, or tens of thousands, who have joined the circles of murderous Islam. It’s also helpless in the face of the support the murderers receive in almost every Muslim community in the world.

Even if we assume that the approval rates are low, an average of 7% in Arab countries, according to a research institute in Doha, and a similar percentage in the Muslim communities in the West, we are likely talking about tens of millions in the Muslim world and hundreds of thousands in Europe. It’s horrifying.

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