Curing the Cancer of Daesh

Still from CCTV footage showing Najim Laachraoui (left), Ibrahim el-Bakraoui (centre), and one other unidentified suspect (right) at Brussels Airport, just before the bombings.
Still from CCTV footage showing Najim Laachraoui (left), Ibrahim el-Bakraoui (centre), and one other unidentified suspect (right) at Brussels Airport, just before the bombings.

‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’ This was the message of the Daesh video released two days after the horrific bombings in Brussels. Basking in its latest bloodbath, the Muslim maniacs warned that Britain or maybe Spain are now in its crosshairs. But bear in mind that the Brits have learned their lesson since the deadly al Qaeda attack on London in 2005, and have prevented several more attempts. MI-5 & 6 are reportedly on the ball. But Britain may only be a ‘false flag’ in order to catch some other European capital off-guard. In any case, it’s a safe bet that now energized after its latest ‘success’ in Brussels, Daesh is now planning for its next victim.

What’s to be done? The Daesh attacks in Paris were planned in Brussels and should have tipped off the Belgian government and security services that they would be next. But aside from lip service, they apparently did precious little about Molenbeek, the Muslim neighborhood of Brussels, which is off-limits to Belgian police. With a population of 100,000, this community is a notorious hotbed of radical Islam and has spawned many of the 400 or so Muslims who have gone to train and fight for Daesh in the Middle East. This is the highest rate of European Muslims who have joined Daesh. Many of them, now battle-hardened, have returned to Belgium, and guess what?

But if the Belgian authorities thought they could placate these fanatics by not confronting them with security checks and surveillance, they have miscalculated, and 34 people paid with their lives, while many more have been severely injured. That is also why several Belgian cabinet ministers offered to resign even while the attacks were taking place. Believe it or not, two Belgian Muslims in Syria had sent a TV message to France and Belgium warning:

          ‘We will come and cut off your heads. Car bombs from Paris to Brussels are no problem’.

Even Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan has now revealed his security service had forewarned the Belgium embassy in Ankara that a suspicious Belgian Muslim was returning to Brussels after living in Syria, apparently with Daesh. Again, the Belgians bungled and the vital information did not reach Brussels in time.

Make no mistake; ‘the clash of civilizations’ is now being waged on an international scale. It is between radical Muslims and everyone else who is considered to be an infidel. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jew, or another Muslim of a different ilk. It’s all the same to Daesh – ‘off with your head!’ And Daesh leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is not a character out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Nor would Daesh stop even if it formed its Muslim Caliphate in the Middle East – then they will mobilize Muslims in Europe to conquer the continent.

Preposterous? Of course it is. But Baghdadi has already convinced Muslims in Europe to join Daesh in Syria; and if not, to wage jihad in Europe. How much death and disaster can these fanatics cause before they are routed? As a matter of fact, one Daesh leader has even referred to another target – reclaiming the ancient 800 years of Muslim rule over Spain that ended in 1492! Madrid had better take notice. If San Bernardino has already been hit halfway around the globe, Madrid is just around the corner. To drive home the point, another Daesh video has depicted an ancient map of Spain, which slowly turns red, and then a Daesh fighter declares:

          ‘We will recover our land from the invaders’ (apparently the Spaniards)’.

There are about 50,000 Muslims living in Spain, about 100 of them have gone to join Daesh. Overall, an estimated 30,000 foreign volunteers from 86 countries have joined Daesh, and some have started heading back home. What feverish plans are in their heads – what kind of welcome should they receive?

We are not advocating an all-out war on Muslims, as is Donald Trump, who calls for barring Muslims from entering the U.S. On the contrary, Daesh Muslims are the worst nightmare of the overwhelming majority of other peaceful Muslims, who reject their fiendish doctrine. Dr. Daniel Pipes, an expert on Islam, has articulated the right approach:

          ‘Radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution’.

The crux of the matter is time and history. Today Daesh is immersed in a time warp dating back hundreds of years even to its ancient conquest of Spain. They actually believe and are ready to die for their belief that radical Islam should rule the world. Therefore jihad must be waged against the crusaders and all the other infidels. The penalty for the non-believers is execution in the most horrible of ways in order to strike terror in the hearts of the enemy.

That is not to say that Jews, and certainly Christians, did not execute other people for their own reasons in history. But after the fall of the Second Temple that was no longer an option. And for the mainly Protestant Nazi Germany, it expired with the fall of the Reich, and most recently in the break-up of Yugoslavia. However, radical religion can rear its ugly head, albeit on a far smaller scale, just about any time. Last year in Jerusalem an enraged ultra-orthodox Jew stabbed to death a high school girl, who was marching in a gay parade. And in the U.S., there have been numerous cases of anti-abortionist Christians shooting doctors.

But these are isolated cases, whereas today, a powerful force in Islam is on the rampage around the world. Of course their pipe dream of conquering the planet for Islam is just as cock-eyed as the mission of the ayatollahs in Tehran to dominate the region and beyond with nuclear weapons. But in the meantime, Europe is facing an epidemic for which it should have found a remedy. Now it must launch a unified crash program or pay the consequences.

Similar to cancer, some types of early warning procedures could have detected the current cancer of Daesh terrorism. However, this certainly was not done in many of the airports throughout Europe. Brussels was one of them. For example, a former head of El Al security has now disclosed that airport security at Brussels and elsewhere is sadly lacking. Tuvia Livneh said armed personnel are highly visible walking about, but how effective are they? What you don’t see is far more important.

Due to the Palestinian threats, Israeli airlines have long developed a comprehensive system to prevent terrorists from entering airports and attacking passengers and crew. For obvious reasons, the security expert would not reveal details other than saying that bright, young IDF veterans are recruited and trained in various aspects of preventing terror attacks at airports and on aircraft. Livneh concluded:

          ‘On a scale of zero to one hundred, most international airports fail to even get 50, and there is room for vast improvement’.

Obviously, if Daesh has just succeeded at Brussels airport, they will try again somewhere else. It follows that the Daesh cancer of atrocities in Syria and Iraq has metastasized in other parts of the global body. After the early symptoms were ignored repeatedly, more drastic treatment is urgently required.

Chemotherapy is designed to destroy the cancerous cells while protecting the healthy. This is why ‘the pipes approach’ is what is needed. Decent Muslim leaders and the peace loving Muslim communities must be encouraged to co-operate with law enforcement in confronting Daesh, al Qaeda, or other Muslim fanatics from recruiting young Muslims. This is easier said than done, and will take a lot of time that is not available in light of the rapid advance of the disease.

The threat of retribution by the terrorists is indeed a clear and dreadful danger to Muslim leaders in Europe and elsewhere. Therefore, a country such as Belgium should consider declaring a ‘state of emergency’. This would enable the government to pass urgent legislation that would enable a crackdown, wire-tapping, the whole shebang; for example, the incarceration of Belgian Muslims who return from fighting for Daesh in Syria. This would be an operation to amputate the murderous cells, as least while the danger exists.

Too desperate and extreme? The cure would actually be worse than the disease? Well how bad is it when two key Belgian law enforcement ministers, interior and justice, offer to resign because they could not fulfill their duty in protecting Belgian civilians from being blown to smithereens?

But what is exaggerated is the idea that World War III has already begun. First, the threat posed by Daesh could be marginalized by a serious military operation against Daesh forces in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. and the West have backed off doing it, whereas the Russians have clobbered the other anti-Assad rebels. Does anyone really believe that President Obama, leader of the Free World, is really willing to forfeit his Noble Peace Prize and launch an all-out offensive against the 50,000 or so Daesh fighters, who have no military aircraft or tanks?

Undoubtedly he could not wipe out the Muslim guerillas in their Toyota pick-up vehicles gallivanting in the open expanse of Syria and Iraq. Look at how well the Kurdish guerillas have done so well at Kobani and elsewhere against Daesh. Of course there would be a price to be paid in American and allied lives. Instead, Obama has tried to contain the terror by limited air strikes and beefing up security inside the U.S. On this score, he has been a step ahead of the Europeans who, after Paris and Brussels, may be slowly awaking from their state of denial.

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