Why Britain’s Labour Party is Bashing Israel

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

‘Blimey, let’s not overdo it, shall we!’ That’s what Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn must be thinking after some of his party stalwarts, such as former London mayor Ken Livingstone and MP Naz Shah, have aroused charges that Labor is now riven with anti-Semites. The firestorm was triggered by Livingstone, who seems to revel in being called an outright anti-Semite, who has claimed:

 ‘Hitler had a secret pact with the Zionists … but that was before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews’.

After being lambasted for his despicable lie, Livingstone makes no apology. He simply claimed he was quoting Prime Minister Netanyahu himself. Okay, so Livingstone makes no bones about it, he detests Israelis, Jews, ‘Yids’, whatever. At least he doesn’t try to deny the number of six million; or on second thought, maybe he likes the horrendous number.

It doesn’t stop there. MP Naz Shah, a Muslim politician also had a go at Israel, before she was elected in her predominantly Muslim constituency of Bradford West last year. Shah came up with a ‘final solution ‘ of her own for the Jewish state – just transfer it lock, stock and barrel to America. Whoever said the Jews are entitled to a state of their own, even if they ran a thriving national state over 3,000 years, far before the current members of the United Nations?

Naz Shah was born in Bradford of a Pakistani father. In any case, Naz Shah’s bash at Israel may have helped her get elected to parliament in Bradford where Muslims make up over 30 percent of the population. Bear this in mind – the latest British census in 2011 estimated there are 2,700,000 Muslims in Britain and they are growing at a rapid rate. By comparison, there are only 270,000 Anglo Jews – so ‘Bob’s your uncle’. Would the party of Hugh Gaitskell, Harold Wilson Brown or Tony Blair have stooped to currying favor with Muslim voters by bashing Israel? To Naz Shah’s credit she has apologized profusely for her diplomatic annihilation of Israel.

    ‘This isn’t what I think at all! I unequivocally apologize for the words I used – I truly regret what I did ‘.

Maybe she realized suddenly that she could be playing into the hands of Far Right British racists who would like to ship all the Brits of Pakistani descent back to Islamabad.

Party leader Corbyn has appointed a party enquiry into the smack of anti-Semitism reeking from inside his party. But maybe Corbyn himself is not worthy of casting the first stone – he once justified Palestinian terror attacks against the Jewish state.

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