Extraordinary eTree Transforms Public Seating

Shade yourself under the solar-panel canopy, recharge your devices, surf the Net, have a cool drink – courtesy of the sun and Israeli ingenuity.

Lots of cities have free Wi-Fi, but only one – so far – has an eTree.

Sologic's eTree (photo credit: Sologic)
Sologic’s eTree (photo credit: Sologic)

This revolutionary ecological installation from Israel’s Sologic provides free wireless Internet, charging stations for electronic devices, nighttime lighting, and water coolers for humans and dogs – all powered by a “canopy” of solar panels.

Just before the ceremonious unveiling of the very first eTree prototype, in the Ramat Hanadiv public gardens in Zichron Ya’acov, Michael Lasry of Sologic told ISRAEL21c that two more eTrees are soon to be installed, one in Nice and the other in Shanghai.

“Our aim is that in the future there will be eTrees all over Israel and worldwide,” he says. “eTree is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, to create a link between the community environment.”

Lasry even envisions global “eTree communities,” facilitated by the unit’s built-in camera and monitor allowing for give-and-take between folks sitting under the radiation-free shade of eTrees anywhere in the world.

“Every tree has a monitor connected through the Wi-Fi, providing information on the energy generated by the system and geographical information about the specific site. So people sitting there in Nice can see and exchange information with people sitting at an eTree in Israel or China or anywhere else.”


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