PM Sharon:
ĎIsrael & The World Cannot Acquiesce In Nuclear Armed Iraní

Sharonís Apparent Message:
ĎThe Notebook Is Open And The Hand Is Writing'

Israel Ponders Iranian Nuclear Threat As International Effort Peters Out

Broadcast December 2nd, 2005 on

Busher Nuclear Reactor

In four months time, Iran will pass the point of no return in its nuclear weapons project. Israel says the international effort lead by Britain, Germany and France is going nowhere as the Iranians renew their nuclear operations. The U.S. like Israel has been counting on the EU-3 and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna to halt Teheran, but so far to no avail. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has left no doubt that Israel is closely monitoring developments before deciding what to do about the Iranian threat Ďto wipe the Jewish state off the mapí. Sharon was speaking on the November 29th anniversary of the U.N partition of Palestine which leaded to the establishment of the modern day state of Israel in 1948.
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Time is running out, thatís the Israeli message loud and clear to Iranís renewed drive to acquire nuclear weapons. IDF intelligence chief Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash sets the end of March for Iranís nuclear point of no return. If the international effort does not stop Teheran by then, Iran will have turned the corner on the research and development phase. It will no longer be a question of IF, but WHEN the Ayatollahs who threaten to exterminate Israel, will get their bomb. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said: ĎIsrael, and not only Israel, can acquiesce in a situation that Iran acquires nuclear weapons. We are also taking all the necessary precautions to cope with such situationí. When asked if anyone and not necessarily Israel has the military capability against the Iranian nuclear project, Sharon was decisive. ĎYes, most certainly but I am sure that before anyone embarks on such a course, every effort will be made to impose a boycott on Iran in order to halt their activityí. The PM referred to the possibility that the issue would be referred to the U.N. Security Council. He added that Israel was not spearheading the campaign. Although the Iranians have made clear the Jewish state would be at the top of their nuclear hit list, Israel has opted for allowing the U.S. and the international community to take the lead in halting Iran. The Bush administration is on record that it will not permit the radical Islamist regime acquire nuclear weapons. But last year, U.S. Vice President Richard Chaney said Israel might go it alone if it felt the diplomatic effort was going nowhere. The IDF intelligence assessment is that Iran poses the greatest threat to Israelís existence. In 1981, Israel Air Force jets destroyed the nuclear reactor in Iraq in order to prevent Saddam Hussein from acquiring the bomb.

Ariel Sharon has spoken about letting the diplomatic effort run its course. But he also conveyed the impression of that Biblical quote: ĎThe notebook is open and the Hand is writingí.

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And this footnote: Iranís nuclear weapons deadline of March coincides with another upcoming crucial date. Israeli voters are due to go to the polls in a general election on March 28th.


David Essing, ISRACAST, Jerusalem

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