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2005 EMET Prize Laureates

The EMET Prize is an annual prize given for excellence in academic and professional achievements that have far reaching influence and significant contribution to society.

Prof. Zehev Tadmor

For his original and pioneering contribution to the field of polymer processing, transforming it into a new and important engineering discipline, and for his academic leadership as a pre-eminent mentor and researcher in chemical engineering in Israel.


Prof. Yosef Shiloh

For his achievements in the research of cellular responses to DNA damage and the molecular basis of the human genetic disorder Ataxia-Telangiectasia. This research has revolutionized our understanding of the DNA damage response and has revealed new avenues to understanding the functional links between the DNA damage response and cancer formation.


Prof. Zvi Selinger

For his groundbreaking studies in cell signaling, which provided the framework for understanding the molecular basis of how signal flows through the G proteins switch. His discoveries yielded major insights into the action of cell receptors and their ability to serve as targets for therapeutic drugs.


Prof. S.N. Eisenstadt

For his distinctive contribution to comparative historical sociology of civilizations and the study of modernization; for the central role he played in the development of Israeli sociology and of the sociology of Israel; for his deep commitment to teaching and research, and for the creation of a constructive dialogue between different theoretical schools, scientific disciplines, cultures and generations.


Prof. Amos Kloner

For his contributions in the field of archaeological research, especially in Jerusalem and the Judaean Shephella: the discovery and study of the hideaway caves from the days of Bar Kochba, the excavation of the ancient towns of Maresha and Beth Guvrin. For his work as district archaeologist for Jerusalem and the Judaea in the Department of Antiquities and for his approach which views archaeology as an academic, public and educational mission.


Prof. Efraim Stern

For his research and professional work, which have placed him in the forefront of Israeli archaeology; for disseminating archaeological knowledge through scientific editing and publishing; for the extensive excavations in which he has been involved as team member and director; and for his broad and in-depth knowledge of the Land of Israel and its material culture between the First and Second Temple periods.


Prof. Benjamin Harshav

The 2005 Emet Prize for the study of literature was awarded to Harshav (Hrushovski) for his unique position in shaping the study of literature in Israel in the past forty-five years, in dialogue with international scholarship; for founding a school of literary theory; for his important studies in the theory of the literary text, theory of prose, theory of poetry, and Jewish culture; and for his contribution to Hebrew literature itself, notably in poetry translations.


Prof. R.I. Zvi Werblowsky

For his great contribution to the study of the religious phenomenon and its manifestation in various cultures, and for establishing the study of religions in Israel, as well as his public activities for the promotion of inter-religious dialogue and the encouragement of tolerance and understanding between different religious communities in Israel and abroad.


Mrs. Orna Porat

For 57 years of creative work on the stages of all Israeli theaters, for her public and national contribution to educating children and youth to attend the theater and for, producing productions from the finest world-known repertoire


Mr. Michael Gurevich

For the many plays he directed and wrote, for his contribution to the Israeli Theater with his special directing style developed through his artistic work, for the many years of teaching the art of acting, for the artistic tutoring of tens of actors and for presenting their talent to the Israeli theaters.