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2006 EMET Prize Laureates

The EMET Prize is an annual prize given for excellence in academic and professional achievements that have far reaching influence and significant contribution to society.

Prof. Yoseph Imry

Professor Yoseph Imry is awarded the EMET Prize for his studies that have led to the formation and development of Mesoscopic Physics, for the discovery of important phenomena in the field with consequences for electronic devices used in nanotechnology and for his groundbreaking works in the study of physics in general and Condensed-Matter physics in particular.


Prof. Yakir Aharonov

Professor Yakir Aharonov is awarded the EMET Prize for elucidating the principles of Quantum Theory, for being a pioneer and a leader in the exploration of the profound meanings of this theory and for his unique discoveries that have had an impact on various fields in physics.


Prof. Zvi Garfunkel

Professor Zvi Garfunkel is awarded the EMET Prize for his achievements in the various fields of geology, for his unique contribution to the study of the geology of the Land of Israel and the Middle East as well as the study of the Dead Sea Rift, for his multidisciplinary exploration of the Earth's activity, the deciphering of the processes that shaped the Mediterranean Basin and for his analysis of subjects relating to geodynamics, block rotations, plate motions and rift formation.


Prof. Peretz Lavie

Professor Peretz Lavie is awarded the EMET Prize for his pioneering studies in sleep research and sleep disorders, for being the father of sleep medicine and sleep research in Israel, for introducing changes in sleep and work routines in the country and for his influence and contribution to the quality of life of people both in Israel and abroad.


Prof. Ada Yonath

Professor Ada Yonath is awarded the EMET Prize for her unique pioneering studies aimed at determining the ribosome structure, studies which led to new insights concerning the function of a complex biological system, for focusing on the mechanisms exploited by antibiotics in paralyzing the ribosome, and for the inspired development of new antibiotic drugs.


Prof. Eli Keshet

Prof. Eli Keshet is awarded the EMET Prize for his pioneering and ground-breaking studies into the vascular system and its connection to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and for his rare combination of excellence and novel research methods which have produced insights on how to implement the knowledge about the creation of blood vessel.


Prof. Ariel Rubinstein

Professor Ariel Rubinstein is awarded the EMET Prize for his innovative research and its contribution to the formation of modern economic theory, for his unique contribution in the fields of economic theory and Game Theory and for presenting a strategic approach to the issue of bargaining, an approach that bears his name.


Prof. Haim Levy

Professor Haim Levy is awarded the EMET Prize for the role his studies played in the formation of the modern finance theory and its development, for his contribution to the development of the Stochastic Dominance theory, which paved the way to a better understanding of the modern finance theory and allowed for the development of investment decision making rules under uncertainty.


Prof. Yaakov Sussman

Professor Yaakov Sussmann is awarded the EMET Prize for his inspirational and multifaceted contribution to the study of Talmudic literature, and for being a lodestone for scholars of the Talmud and the rabbinical literature in Israel and abroad.


Prof. Yehuda Liebes

Professor Yehuda Liebes is awarded the EMET Prize for his outstanding contribution to the study of Jewish mysticism over the centuries as well as the study of Sabbateanism, for his original studies on Zohar literature which touch upon different disciplines and for his scientific work on a wide variety of themes within Jewish thought in different periods.


Prof. Nitza Metzger Szmuk

The Professor architect Nitza Metzger Szmuk is awarded the EMET Prize for her achievements and her outstanding contribution to local culture in the promotion of site and building conservation, for raising public awareness to the importance and the value of the architectural heritage in "The White City" of Tel Aviv and for promoting Israel's position and prestige worldwide.


Mr. Zvi Narkiss

The Designer Zvi Narkis is awarded the EMET Prize for his creativity in the design of the Hebrew font, for the design of typefaces for the Hebrew alphabet over a period of fifty years, which made possible the transition from traditional Hebrew fonts to modern types, and for ingeniously combining ancient traditions with modern design concepts in creating the Hebrew type.