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June 04, 2017


Does U.S. President Donald Trump perceive himself to be a first and only master of humankind; a Homo Deus, to pinch the title of Prof. Yuval Harari's intriguing book? Never mind that the preponderance of serious scientists in the world agree that there is an urgent need to also 'repeal and replace' the Paris accord on the emission of dangerous gases into the atmosphere - our very future is at stake. But Trump has signaled that America's coal miners come first. However, just as Trump struck out on rejecting Obamacare, he probably will also fail again. Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who opposed withdrawing from the Paris accord, was quick to play down the impact:

       “I think it's important everyone recognizes the U.S. has a terrific record of reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. I don't think we are going to change our ongoing efforts to reduce these emissions in the future either. So, hopefully people can keep it in perspective.”

January 18, 2009

Israel Announces Unilateral Cease-Fire

Israel's security cabinet has voted overwhelmingly to accept an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza. However, Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that Israeli troops would respond severely if Hamas continues attacking Israel. But while Israeli leaders in Jerusalem were announcing the unilateral cease-fire, Hamas launched more rockets into Israel.

October 07, 2007

Prof. Haim Harari

The EMET Prize is awarded to Prof. Haim Harari for his significant contribution to providing science education for all pupils in the education system. His wondrous ability to introduce into the field of educational philosophy, patterns borrowed from scientific fields, and inculcate them successfully within the Israeli education system, constitutes a breakthrough in educational practice.

August 25, 2007


In spite of intense diplomatic activity scheduled for this fall, little will likely change in the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. IDF Maj. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari sees slim chance of the international conference achieving little more than vague understandings because Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cannot exercise any control over his own West Bank terrorists. Meanwhile, the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip is locked in an escalating confrontation with Israel. This week a terrorist rocket scored a direct hit on an Israeli kindergarten in Sderot that was empty of children at the time. In an interview with IsraCast Gen. Harari, now an analyst at the Herzliya Center, warned that if a Qassam rocket hits a crowded synagogue or kindergarten it will trigger a massive IDF operation into Gaza.

June 29, 2007


The Sharm el Sheik summit was a high- profile show of solidarity with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his bitter confrontation with Hamas, the radical Islamists. After Hamas gunmen routed Fatah forces from the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians now have two separate governments- Gaza is run by Hamas while Fatah - supported Abbas rules on the West Bank. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to arrive soon as a peace envoy. Maj. Gen. ( res) Shalom Harari told IsraCast that Tony Blair should draw on his Northern Ireland experience in order to make any progress in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Listen to Interview with Shalom Harari Includes transcript of interview
February 09, 2007


What are the prospects for the vaguely worded agreement hammered out by Hamas and Fatah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia?  Shalom Harari, a senior reserve officer in the IDF Intelligence Corps and analyst at the Herzliya Counter - terrorism Center centre assesses various aspects of the accord aimed at ending the bloody Palestinian power struggle that has killed dozens of Palestinians in recent weeks. Interviewed by IsraCast,  Harari also analyzes the possible impact of the Mecca Accord on Israel and the ongoing struggle between Radial Islam and established regimes in the Middle East.

January 06, 2007


Over the weekend, the internal Palestinian bloodshed has soared in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The Palestinian power struggle between Hamas and Fatah reached a new peak - seven Palestinians were killed when Hamas raiders attacked the home of a Fatah security officer in the Gaza Strip. More deadly clashes have occurred on the West Bank. Meanwhile, in the West Bank town of Ramallah an Israeli undercover operation to catch a wanted terrorist  is detected leading to a shootout that kills five Palestinians and wounds several dozen others. All this as terrorists in the Gaza Strip continue to launch two or three Qassam rockets daily at Israeli targets despite the current 'cease-fire' in Gaza. IDF Brig. Gen. (Res.) Shalom Harari, a senior analyst at the Counter-Terrorism Institute at the Herzlyia Center assesses latest Palestinian developments. Shalom Harari was interviewed by David Essing:

Listen to Interview with Brig. Gen, Shalom Harari Includes transcript of interview
October 10, 2006


'The internal Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip is approaching the violence you see in Iraq' - that's the assessment of Shalom Harari, an IDF Brig, Gen. (res). Harari is a leading Israeli expert at the Counter-Terrorism Institute in Herzliya. In an interview with David Essing, Harari analyzes the internecine Palestinian violence and its significance for Israel. He also assesses the chaos in many Arab states against the backdrop of this week's visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

May 19, 2006


The armed confrontation between Hamas and Fatah erupted in several bloody clashes this week. It has all the signs of an internal power-struggle with neither side apparently ready to give in after Fatah lost control to Hamas in the recent election. Shalom Harari, a leading Israeli analyst on the Palestinians discusses various aspects and the outlook in an interview with IsraCast's David Essing.

April 21, 2006


The Hamas government has now appointed Jamal Abu Samhadana, a leading warlord in the Gaza Strip, to rebuild the Palestinian security apparatus. Samhadana founded the Popular Resistance Committees that carried out numerous deadly terror attacks over the years. Israel declares that it still wants Samhadana dead of alive. What are the implications to the surprise appointment by the Palestinian Authority now run by Hamas? IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari is a senior analyst at the Counter-Terrorism Center at the Inter-Disciplinary Centre in Herzliya. In an interview with IsraCast, Harari assesses the current situation including this weeks suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The general also explains why the IDF is finding it difficult to halt the launching of those Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip.

February 06, 2006


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is apparently seeking a solution to the election victory of Hamas, an organization that vows to destroy the Jewish state. Abbas has reportedly informed Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the outcome of the Palestinian election is 'irrelevant'. If so, does this mean that Abbas is trying to subvert the election result or that he has struck a deal to be Hamas 'front man'. In the Israeli election campaign, Olmert's rival are trying to make election capital out of the bloody clash between Israeli policemen and settlers during the demolition of the illegal West Bank settlement of Amona that resulted in other two hundred Israelis being hurt.

February 03, 2006


Shalom Harari, a top Israeli expert on the Palestinians, analyzes the new emerging situation after the stunning Hamas victory in the Palestinian election. Interviewed by IsraCast, Harari says the Hamas rise to power has implications far beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Harari is a reserve Brigadier-General in the IDF intelligence corps and is on the staff of the Counter-Terror Policy Center at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Institute. Listen to the impact of the Hamas victory on Palestinian society, Israel, the Middle East and the international arena.

October 17, 2005


What are the implications on the ground of the two deadly drive-by shooting raids on the West Bank? Two Israeli young women and a teenage youth were shot dead when gunmen cruised by in a car spraying machine gun fire at a group of Israeli civilians near the hitch-hiking station at the Gush Etzion Junction. Three more Israelis were wounded. A short time later, terrorists in another car opened fire a group of boys walking near the settlement of Ali. One youngster was injured. Israel has reacted by closing some main roads to private Palestinian vehicles and reimposing roadblocks and closures. The IDF is also stepping up arrests and targeted killing of terrorists. The latest attacks came on the day that Palestinian leader Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) left on a trip to Washington for a meeting with U.S. President George Bush. In an interview with IsraCast, Shalom Harari a Palestinian expert at the Herzlyia Inter-disciplinary Center and a Brig. Gen. (res.) in the IDF intelligence Corps, assesses the situation.

September 09, 2005

THIS WEEK 9.9.05

What are the implications of the brutal killing of Moussa Arafat in the Gaza Strip? What does it reveal about the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas? Jordan's King Abdullah praises Ariel Sharon for implementing the disengagement while warning that al Qaeda may also be active in Israel. In the Likud leadership race, challenger Bibi Netanyahu is facing some tough decisions this weekend in the wake of latest public opinion polls.

July 15, 2005


To date this week's casualty toll - Six Israelis murdered, scores more injured as Palestinian terror attacks continue without let-up. After an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber strikes in Netanya, Hamas and other terror groups step-up the shelling from the Gaza Strip. Within ten minutes, they launch eight Qassam rockets at civilian targets inside Israel and in the Gaza Strip. Israel Air Force gun-ships are sent into action while IDF forces operate against the Islamic Jihad stronghold on the West Bank. All this, during what the Palestinian call the Tahdia cease-fire and a month before Israel is to start its evacuation of Gaza.

April 19, 2005


IDF Chief of Staff, General Moshe Yaalon warns of increased Palestinian terror attacks on the West Bank after Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip that is slated for sometime this summer. On April 15th, IsraCast interviewed analyst Shalom Harari who revealed that Israeli security services forecast the Palestinians may launch Intifada#3 toward the end of the year.In the southern Gaza Strip, a Palestinian shooting attack wounded an IDF soldier and an Israeli civilian in the Philadelfi Axis security zone. Meanwhile in a surprise development, the Gaza evacuation may be postponed for three weeks because of a religious holiday.

April 15, 2005


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has returned home from the Crawford summit with the future of the Roadmap peace process still in doubt. Sharon demands that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) start dismantling the terrorist organizations, which launched over 80 Qassam rockets and mortars at Israeli settlements and IDF positions in the Gaza Strip earlier in the week. In an effort to shore up Abu Mazen, President George W. Bush is sending out two top officials to try and shore up the shaky Palestinian leader.

For an assessment of the current situation, IsraCast interviewed one of Israel's top experts on the Palestinian Authority and leadership, IDF Brig. Gen. (Reserve) Shalom Harari of the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Center.