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Culture of Israel

The culture of Israel developed long before the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 and combines secular life and religious heritage. Much of the diversity of Israel's culture comes from the diversity of the Jews who make up Israel.

IsraCast Articles

You Get What You Need

 On Tuesday night, The Rolling Stones reminded us just how subversive rock and roll can be. Without making any public response to pressure from the likes of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and the BDS movement, who support an all out boycott of Israel, The Stones defiantly played their first show ever in Israel for over 40,000 gracious fans. Mick, Keith, Charlie and crew chose to perform for the people, rather than refusing to because of the decisions of the people’s government. In doing so they stuck it to the man and stood for the rock ethos that they helped create.



French singer Patrick Bruel in Israel

Patrick Bruel, a well-known Jewish actor and singer from France is coming to Israel for a concert in the city of Ra'anana, which will feature the best from Bruel’s 17 albums. He will sing together with the Israeli singer Shlomo Artzi. On 1996 Bruel recorded a new song in Avi Yaffe Studios (Isracast Studios) in Jerusalem with the Stradivarius Violinist Ivri Gitlis.


Yossi Banai 1932 - 2006

Israeli singer and performer Yossi Banai died today at the age of 74. Banai, an Israel Prize laureate, was born in Jerusalem in 1932. He was a member of the famous Banai family, which includes some respected Israeli artists.


Shoshana Damari: Biography

Israel Mourns Shoshana Damari - the First Lady of Israeli Song, who Died Today at the Age of 83.



MOSCOW - Maccabi Tel Aviv won the Final Four and claimed its second Euroleague victory in a row, the fifth in the history of the basketball team. Over 6,000 Israeli fans were cheering Maccabi at the game in Moscow and after Maccabi won thousands of fans in Israel filled Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, dancing and celebrating all night.