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Prof. Galia Golan

Galia Golan is a professor of Russian and East European Studies at Hebrew University, a member of the Meretz Party executive, and a co-founder of Peace Now, in which she has been active since 1978. Prof. Golan is also a founder-leader of Bat Shalom, the Israeli component of the Jerusalem Link - an Israeli-Palestinian Women’s Joint Venture for Peace.

Isracast Articles

March 02, 2007


Israeli officials charge that a billion dollar sale of Russian anti-tank and anti-missile rockets will encourage Syria to go to war against Israel. The new anti-tank missiles were said to be more accurate and effective than the Russian weapons that destroyed a number of Israeli tanks in last summer's war with Hezbollah. Moscow had sold those weapons to Damascus but they ended up in the hands of Hezbollah fighters. Some Israeli experts warn the sale of such advanced weaponry to Syria could alter the balance of power with the Jewish state. Does the latest weapons sale to Syria signal that Russia is renewing its cold war confrontation here in the Middle East or are the Russians trying 'to make a fast rubble'? IsraCast interviewed Prof. Galia Golan, Prof. (Emeritus) of the Hebrew University and currently Professor of Government at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Center. Professor Golan assessed the latest Russian arms sale as well as other aspects of Russian policy.

Listen to Interview with Prof. Galia Golan Includes transcript of interview