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Dr. Meir Rosenne

Dr. Meir Rosenne has served as Israel's Ambassador to the United States and to France. He was one of the principal framers of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, and served as legal advisor to the Israel Foreign Ministry and to various Israel-U.S. and Israel-Syrian negotiations.

Isracast Articles

January 23, 2008


Even while the U.N. Security Council was discussing the escalation between the Gaza Strip and Israel, Palestinian terrorists were still launching their Qassam rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot. They were hoping to kill or wound any men, women and children who might be caught out in the open and to score a direct hit on a home, school or kindergarten. This has been going on for over seven years now and has actually escalated since Israel totally withdrew from the Gaza Strip more than two years ago. In Jerusalem, President Shimon Peres declared that the Security Council should condemn Hamas and not the Israeli measures to try and halt the rocketing. IsraCast turned to Dr. Meir Rosenne a leading Israeli jurist and a former ambassador to the U.S. and France for an analysis of both the legal and political aspects of the ongoing situation.

September 21, 2007


What are the implications of the Israeli government's decision to declare the Gaza Strip an 'enemy entity'. Dr. Meir Rosenne, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and France and a prominent jurist, told IsraCast that Israel like every other country is duty bound to defend its citizens and is not in violation of international law. Rosenne also said that Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who calls openly for Israel's destruction, should never have received a visa to visit the U.S.

October 28, 2005


There has been broad international condemnation of the call by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'to wipe Israel off the map'. At the U.N. in New York, Israel's Ambassador Danny Gillerman has officially urged Secretary General Kofi Annan to initiate the expulsion of Iran from the world body on the grounds that Iran has flagrantly violated the U.N. charter by calling for the destruction of a member state. The latest Iranian threat comes against the backdrop of Tehran's drive to produce nuclear weapons. Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has now revealed that Iran may acquire the know-how for producing nuclear weapons within six months. The way would then be open for Iran to actually produce a nuclear bomb within a couple of years.