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POW Expose

Nothing In Israeli TV Documentary Indicates That Israeli Troops Executed Egyptian POWs During Six-Day War In 1967

Documented Evidence That Egyptian Troops Did Execute Israeli POWs During Yom-Kippur War of 1973

The screening of the Israeli documentary on the 'Shaked' special forces unit in the Six-Day War of 1967 has sparked a fierce reaction in Egypt. One part of the film aired on Channel One television related to the Shaked pursuit operation against a battalion of 250 Egyptian soldiers who had been attacking Israeli targets in Sinai. It is the practice and policy of the Israel Defense Forces to respect the rights of POWs. In time of war, Israel shows captured POWs each one saying his  name on television to show they are alive and being fairly treated. In contrast, Arab states do not even release the names of Israeli POWs so their anguished families can know they are alive. Who did what to Egyptian and Israeli POWs? IsraCast presents new information on the burning issue that is threatening Israeli-Egyptian relations.


Exclusive! Gen. Sharon & Yom Kippur Protocols

Arik Sharon: 'I Could Have Rescued Israeli Soldiers Cut Off In Suez Canal Outposts By Egyptian Forces But Was Not Given Approval'

'As A Divisional Commander On Front Line I Contacted Directly Defense Minister Moshe Dayan & Southern Command Headquarters With My Plan'

IsraCast Exclusive: Shortly After Yom Kippur, Maj.Gen.(res.) Arik Sharon Talked To IsraCast's Avi Yaffe Of His Daring Plan That Was Ignored By Dayan & IDF Headquarters

 One of the most controversial issues of the Yom Kippur Protocols were the comments by Defense Minister Moshe Dayan that IDF soldiers, cut off in their fortified outposts along the Suez Canal, would be left to their fate. This flies in the face of the IDF's tradition of not leaving soldiers behind to be killed or captured by the enemy. In an extraordinary twist of fate, IsraCast's Avi Yaffe was doing reserve duty as a radio operator at the Porkan outpost that was surrounded by the Egyptians opposite Ismailiya. Yaffe was in radio contact with Gen. Sharon during the first days of the war including the soldiers daring trek through Egyptian lines back to safety. After the war was over, Yaffe interviewed Sharon who revealed that he could have saved the trapped soldiers in the outposts, most of whom were later captured or killed by the Egyptian forces. In light of publication of the Yom Kippur Protocols, Avi Yaffe has now decided to make public this exclusive and historic interview on his IsraCast website. 


From Auschwitz to Iran?

New Israel Air Force Commander Amir Eshel Flew Commemorative Flight Over Auschwitz

Maj.Gen. Eshel Will Command Israeli Air Strike On Iranian Nuclear Sites If Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Gives The Order

 After leading an Israel Air Force flight over Auschwitz back in 2003, will Maj.Gen. Amir Eshel command an Israeli air strike on Iran's nuclear weapons facilities? This is an ironic possibility in light of Iran's relentless drive to acquire atomic bombs for 'wiping Israel off the map'. Fighter-pilot Eshel has now been named the new IAF commander. Israeli born Eshel, aged fifty-two, has forged a brilliant career in the Israel Defense Forces. Known as a 'quick study', he has flown an exceptional variety of combat aircraft from the F-15 and F-16 fighters to Apache and Cobra helicopter-gunships in clocking over 5,500 hours in the air. Reacting to the promotion, a former IAF commander Eliezer Skadi said: 'It's the right man in the right place. Amir Eshel is a true professional with very high abilities that will serve him well at a time the Middle East is on the boil and when new threats are emerging from states that have no common border with Israel. I am confident he will fullfil his command with distinction'. For the past four years, Eshel has headed the IDF's strategic Planning Branch that deals with strategic threats to Israel and the IDF's force buildup. In a rare public address on January 17th, Maj.Gen. Eshel analyzed the threat of a nuclear Iran not only to Israel but to the entire globe. Read the following report of his presentation entitled 'Iran & Global Nuclear Jungle'.


Israel, Turkey & Armenian Dilemma

Israel Ponders Recognition Of Armenian Massacre And Her Strategic Need To Improve Strained Relations With Turkey

Issue Remains Open After Prime Minister Netanyahu & Foreign Minister Lieberman Appeal To Knesset Education Committee Not To Conduct Session

IsraCast Assessment: Israel Must Seek Balance Between Avoiding Further Deterioration With Turkey While Not Dodging Her Moral Obligation

Israel's government and her Parliament are at odds over whether the Jewish state should officially recognize Turkey's responsibility for the massacre of some one and a half million Armenians in 1915. In spite of appeals by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the Knesset's Education Committee discussed the issue but stopped short of voting on recognition. IsraCast analyst David Essing is of the view that with the Iranian nuclear crisis coming to a head in 2012, it is crucial that Israel will not cause any further deterioration in the already strained relations with Turkey.


Appeal For Renewal Of Israeli-Turkish Alliance

Adnan Oktar: 'Revival Of Turkish-Israeli Alliance Will Promote Peace In Middle East'

'Building Of New Missile Defense System On Turkish Soil Will Help Defend Israel From Iranian Nuclear Attack'

'Official Israeli Apology For Killing Of Turks In Mavi Marmara Incident Would Eliminate Turkish Sense Of Humiliation'

 Adnan Oktar, a prominent Muslim theologian and philosopher in Turkey, has issued a dramatic appeal for the renewal of Turkish Israeli alliance. In an IsraCast interview, that was carried live on Turkish TV, Oktar said it was in the interest of Middle East peace that the two democracies resolve their differences. Oktar rejected any idea the Turkish people have turned against Israel. On the contrary, most Turks viewed the Jews as the descendants of the prophet Abraham and the founding of Israel as evidence of divine prophecy. Speaking in his unofficial capacity, Oktar was of the opinion that Prime Minister Erdogan would agree that the new anti-missile defence system in Turkey be used to intercept any Iranian nuclear attack on Israel.


Iran - Paper Tiger That Bites

Menashe Amir: 'Iran Will Continue To Reject Any New Uranium Offers Unless Accompanied By Far More Severe Sanctions'

'Tehran Sees Nuclear Weapons As Means To Impose Political & Religious Hegemony In Middle East Region & International Arena'

IsraCast Assessment: In a wide-ranging interview, Iranian expert Menashe Amir explains why new nuclear talks with Tehran are destined to end in failure. However, Amir contends there is still time for the international community to stop the Iranians from acquiring 'the bomb' but only if it is willing to impose much stiffer sanctions and suffer the consequences of a real confrontation.

 After Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has announced that Tehran is now ready to resume nuclear talks with the P5+1, what are the prospects? None according to Menashe Amir, an Israeli expert on Iran. Amir told IsraCast there was no possibility that Iran would halt its nuclear weapons program unless the international community was prepared to adopt more drastic steps to deter the Iranians. Interviewed by David Essing, Amir explained how 'the bomb' plays a crucial role in Iran's grand design for regional and international domination something that is misunderstood by some foreign commentators who either view Iran as a 'paper tiger' or preach 'the need to live with an Iranian bomb'. 


Russia To 'Launch' Iran's Nuclear Reactor

Russia Announces That It Will 'Launch' Iran's Nuclear Bushehr Reactor On August 21st

'Russian Technicians To Load Busher Reactor With Nuclear Fuel'

IsraCast Assessment: No Official Israeli Reaction But In Private Israeli Government Officials Are Likely To Be Infuriated With Russian Decision To Bolster Nuclear Capability of Iran That Threatens 'To Wipe Israel Off The Map'

 It's now official - 'Rosatom', Russia's Atomic Energy Agency has announced that on August 21st, Russian technicians will load Iran's Bushehr reactor with nuclear fuel. Spokesman Sergei Navikov was quoted as saying: 'From then on the rector will be qualified as a nuclear plant'. A Russian delegation headed by Rosatom director Sergei Kiriyenko is due to attend the ceremony. The news came just before the Sabbath when Israeli officialdom closes down until Sunday. However, IsraCast analyst David Essing has some unofficial comments.


It Is My Boy!

 Aviva Shalit wrote an open letter to her son Gilad Shalit, an Israel Defense Forces soldier who was captured on June 25, 2006 by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid. He has been held as a prisoner in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since then. Hamas has refused requests from the International Committee of the Red Cross to allow the ICRC to visit Shalit.


Israeli Counter-Terror Operation At Sea

Defense Minister Ehud Barak:'The Flotilla's Organizers Were Really Trying To Establish A Sea Corridor For Arms & Explosives To Hamas In Gaza'

Admiral Eli Merom: 'Israeli Naval Commandos Were Ordered Not To Use Force Unless Necessary But Had To Fight For Their Lives On One Of The Ships'

In Light Of Situation, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With U.S. President Barack Obama & Returns Home From Canada

 In the early hours of the day, Israeli naval commandos slid down ropes from hovering helicopters onto the six ships that were trying to break Israel's blockade of the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. The flotilla's organizers had repeatedly ordered the flotilla to steer a course for the Israeli port of Ashdod and unload their humanitarian aid there to be checked for explosives and weapons before they were sent on to Gaza. On at least one of the ships, the soldiers were met with fierce resistance causing casualties. IsraCast analyst David Essing is of the view that while rockets continue to be launched from Gaza into Israel, Israel's message is that such ships will not pass.


Holocaust is the most heinous crime against modern humanity

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi, at the Israeli parliament special session to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

 Fellow Knesset members, there is no more natural an occurrence than for the Knesset and all its factions to unite and mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day of liberation for the Auschwitz extermination camp. The forces of evil sent tens of millions of people - Jews, Soviets, Poles, Gypsies, and political rivals - to an awful death. This wasn't a simple death, but an industry of death, which was borne of an ideology of hate, racism, and ethnic cleansing.


Att: Judge Goldstone on IDF & Gaza Report!

British Army Colonel Richard Kemp: 'Israel Defense Forces Did More To Safeguard Rights Of Civilians (Palestinian) In A Combat Zone (Gaza) Than Any Other Army In History Of Warfare'

'IDF Did More To Safeguard Civilians In Gaza Than U.S. & British Forces Have Done In Iraq & Afghanistan'

'In Gaza, Hamas Forced Palestinian Women & Children To Ignore IDF Warnings To Leave Areas About To Be Attacked: Hamas Also Trained & Equipped Palestinian Women & Children For Military Roles'

 British Army Colonel (ret) Richard Kemp knows a thing or two about fighting a guerrilla war; Kemp has served as commander of the British contingent to the NATO force now fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a lecture to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on June 18th, Colonel Kemp compared the conduct of the IDF during the Cast Lead Operation in Gaza with that of the British and American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. His conclusion: 'The Israel Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare'. Nonetheless, the pro-Palestinian Human Rights Council of the UN has published an enquiry, based mainly on Palestinian allegations and chaired by Judge Richard Goldstone, that alleges the IDF perpetrated war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.


Arabs Need to Talk to the Israelis

By Shaikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, The crown prince of Bahrain

We need fresh thinking if the Arab Peace Initiative is to have the impact it deserves on the crisis that needlessly impoverishes Palestinians and endangers Israel's security. This crisis is not a zero-sum game. For one side to win, the other does not have to lose. The peace dividend for the entire Middle East is potentially immense. So why have we not gotten anywhere?


IDF in Gaza vs. NATO in Afghanistan

Ron Ben Yishai: "NATO employs much harsher military measures in Afghanistan than the IDF did in recent Gaza operation"

Palestinians in Gaza launched 10 rockets at Israel over Sabbath

Spanish Judge orders legal inquiry into Israeli targeted killing of notorious Hamas terrorist responsible for murdering dozens of Israelis

Over the Sabbath, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip launched 10 rockets at Israel - one of them hit an empty high school in Ashkelon causing serious damage to the building. Meanwhile in Spain, a local judge has ordered his own inquiry into Israel's targeted killing of terrorist chief Salah Shehade in Gaza who was responsible for murdering many Israeli civilians. Against this backdrop, IsraCast interviewed Ron Ben Yishai, a veteran Israeli military correspondent, who has covered military operations in many parts of the world including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen to interview with Ron Ben Yishai includes transcript of the interview

An Open Letter to A citizen Of Gaza: I Am the Soldier Who Slept In Your Home

Hello, While the world watches the ruins in Gaza, you return to your home which remains standing. However, I am sure that it is clear to you that someone was in your home while you were away. I am that someone.


Red Cross Disappoints On Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit is held hostage by Hamas for more than two years

Hamas has not allowed any access to Shalit by the Red Cross, or anyone else

Even Nazi Germany accepted visits of the Red Cross delegates to the concentration camps

"The International Red Cross should be more active and persuasive in getting a visit with abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit" - that's the view of Noam, the father of corporal Shalit who was captured over two years ago by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip. Since then, in total violation of international law, the Palestinians had not allowed the Red Cross to pay even one visit to Gilad to testify to his treatment and condition. Today Israeli protesters gathered outside an Israeli prison where Red Cross Representatives once again visited captured Palestinian prisoners.


Hamas Exploits Gaza Children As Shields

IDF: "Hamas exploited UNWRA School as launch pad for firing rockets at Israel"

Dr. Dore Gold: "Mounting evidence that Hamas members use Gaza children for protection from Israeli attacks"

Gen. Yossi Kupperwaser: "Hamas terrorists invite children to rocket storehouses after IDF warns buildings will be bombed"

The tragic killing of Palestinian children among the people including a Hamas rocket team has aroused shock and anger. However, it is now apparent that the school building was being used as a launch pad for rocketing Israel, a tactic repeatedly used by Hamas. IsraCast presents an official IDF statement on the incident as well as comments by Dr. Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN, and Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kupperwaser, a senior IDF intelligence officer.


Iran - A Genocide Foretold

Prof. Irwin Cotler: "Iran Has Already Started Down Path Of Genocide With Its Genocidal Incitement Against Israel Combined With Its Nuclear Weapons Development"

"State Parties Who Signed Genocide Convention Are Obligated To Act To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons"

"Those Experts & Advisors Who Talk Of Living With Iranian Nuclear Weapons Ignore Genocidal Aspect Of Iran's Regime"

'A genocide foretold' - that is how Prof. Irwin Cotler, a former Minister of Justice in Canada and a Member of Parliament, has described Iran's genocidal incitement against Israel when linked to Teheran's nuclear weapons development. At a Bar Ilan University Conference in the Mishkenot Shaananem Center in Jerusalem, Prof. Cotler presented a petition calling on the state parties to the Genocide Convention to honor their international obligation to prevent Iran from continuing on its path of genocide against the Jewish state. In a subsequent interview with IsraCast Prof. Cotler, an expert on international law, told David Essing that he believed Iran could still be stopped from acquiring the bomb.


Iranian Pre-Nuclear Threat

Iranian Official: 'Iran Will Attack Tel Aviv & U.S. Fleet In the Gulf, If Israel Or U.S. Launch Raid On Iran'

Menashe Amir: 'Iran's Air Force & Navy Lack Military Capability To Inflict Serious Damage In The Gulf. Iran's Missile Force Does Not Pose Serious Danger to Israel'

'Iranian Regime Fears Popular Uprising In Event Of Israeli Or U.S. Operation Against Nuclear Sites'

Iranian military forces are conducting fresh maneuvers amid threats that Iran will attack Israel's biggest metropolitan area of Tel Aviv and the U.S fleet in the Gulf, if Israel or the U.S. launch a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear sites. Just how strong militarily is Iran today? In the second of a two-part interview with IsraCast, analyst Menashe Amir assesses the Iranian conventional weapons threat.


Iran - Masters of Diplomatic Deception

Menashe Amir: 'Iran's Latest Response Is Aimed Solely At Gaining Time For Nuclear Program Until U.S. Presidential Election'

'Iran Will Agree To Dialogue While Refusing To Give In On Its Uranium Enrichment Project'

'Iranians Want To Buy Not Only SA-20 Air Defense System From Russia, But Also More Advanced S-300'

What has been Teheran's response to the latest international offer to halt its uranium enrichment, the basis for its nuclear weapons development? What reaction has there been in Iran to the recent Israel Air Force exercise over the Mediterranean that might have been a simulated attack on Iran's nuclear installations? Menashe Amir, an Israeli expert on Iran, assesses both the diplomatic and military aspects of the current confrontation in a two part interview with IsraCast's David Essing. The first segment deals with the current diplomatic campaign and its ramifications.


Historic Recognition of the Jewish Refugees

U.S. House of Representatives: 'Rights Of Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries Must Also Be Recognized'

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a resolution calling for the recognition of Jewish refugees forced to flee the Arab countries. In the wording of the non-binding resolution: 'Explicit reference to Palestinian refugees be matched by a similar explicit reference to Jewish and other refugees as a matter of law and equity'. In a recent interview with IsraCast, Canadian Member of Parliament Irwin Cotler, a former justice minister in Canada, estimated there were more Jewish Jewish refugees from the Arab countries than there were Palestinian refugees.