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ioIMAGE TotalTrack system

New technology developed in Israel is revolutionizing the field of smart video motion detection by using advanced algorithms to automatically detect and track intruders from hundreds of meters away, day and night, in all weather conditions. The new system, which recently passed rigorous testing by Israeli security forces, is already being installed in various strategic locations in Israel and the U.S.

Securing key installations was considered an issue even before 9/11 and it became one of the focal points of national security for many countries around the world ever since. Founded in 2000, the Israeli company ioIMAGE was established with a vision to become the leading provider of intelligent video systems for the security industry. ioIMAGE has developed a unique technology that transforms dumb security cameras into ultra-sophisticated security guards.

ioIMAGE researchers have developed algorithms that can identify movement along a designated security perimeter using day/night and infrared cameras with automatic tilt/zoom capabilities. The system was installed in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) building in February 2003 and underwent a rigorous series of tests including multiple intrusion attempts by an Israeli Special Forces unit in real world conditions such as wind, rain and snow. The system was also tested for changing light conditions, activity beyond the security perimeter and even birds. After the initial setup, the ioIMAGE system was able to detect 100% of the intrusion attempts and only reported about half a dozen false alerts per day.

Although ioIMAGE is not the first company to develop Video Motion Detection (VMD) software and equipment, its system is considered by experts to be one of the most advanced in the world. The system's initial setup time could be measured in minutes (given that cameras are already installed), and can detect people from a distance of more than 200 meters (compared to a few dozen meters in other VMDs), and vehicles up to a range of more than one kilometer. The system can also detect very slow movement typically used by highly trained military personnel approaching their target. The system's automatic tilt/zoom capability reduces the strain on the human operator and lowers the number of false alarms which increases the alertness of the security personnel. ioIMAGE system is also relatively cheaper than most other systems with less than $3,000 "per camera" price tag.

All of these advantages have made ioIMAGE a respected name in the security community. Recently an official field test was done on its TotalTrack system at Sandia National Laboratories, the US primary national security laboratory for federal agencies. Similar systems have been installed at Israel's Petroleum and Gas plants and negotiations with the Israeli Army, as well as with several other companies in Israel and abroad, are underway.

Iddo Genuth

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