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Smart implant will help broken vertebra

X-ray photo of the implant

The first clinical trials of a new and minimally invasive procedure for vertebral fracture reconstruction have recently been started at the Beilinson Hospital in Petah-Tikva. The new method uses a smart implant made of Titanium that is inserted into the spinal cord of the patient using a small tube. The implant, called Bidex, grips a broken vertebra, and creates scaffolding which lifts the vertebra up in order to allow the insertion of a special "glue" which is used to repair the broken vertebra. Until now methods for repairing Crush fractures were the entire vertebra collapses were usually more invasive and since scaffolding was not used, the glue which was employed to mend the Crushed vertebra tended to leak to other areas of the spinal cord. The Bidex implant should be able to prevent this from occurring by containing the glue within the spinal cord itself.

The Israeli start-up company Expandis is responsible for the creation of the Bidex implant and has high hopes for its development which could help the almost 700,000 people suffering from Crush fractures. Many of these spinal cord injuries are caused by osteoporosis which weakens the bones and creates severe pain which can disturb the daily routine of patients. The technology could be used in the future in a verity of other fracture treatments such as heap fractures and even certain fractures in the hand.

Iddo Genuth

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