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Croatian Death Camp Commander Buried in Nazi Gear

Dinko Sakic and his wife Nada in Ustasa uniform

Croatian commander of the notorious WWII Nazi Ustasa concentration camp in Jasenovac, Dinko Sakic was buried in the full Ustasa uniform confirms Father Vjekoslav Lasic, Croatian Catholic priest.

Father Vjekoslav Lasic at the Sakic burial in Zagreb, Croatia

'God has forgiven Sakic all that was not in sync with God's law, if he did anything like that,' said Lasic at the funeral of Sakic.

Lasic said that he was proud to have seen Sakic dressed in the WWII Ustasa uniform while in Dubrava hospital where he died. 

'Independent State of Croatia is the foundation of today's homeland of Croatia,' said Lasic.

Ustasa were Croatian Nazis who declared Croatia independent and went on to kill over million of Serbs, Jews and Roma in WWII. Killing was done in several concentration camps such as Jasenovac and Stara Dradiska.

Archbishop Stepinac (right), at an official Croatian ceremony in 1941

Dinko Sakic was commander of both concentration camps. Sakic's wife, Nada, was half sister of a notorious Croat murderer Maks Luburic. After WWII, Sakic fled to Argentina where he opened a textile factory.

Sakic was extradited to Croatia in 1998 where he was sentence only 20 years for his crimes.

Father Lasic who led the Catholic burial for Sakic held numerous masses in the past for the leader of the Ustasa Ante Pavelic.

'Every honorable Croat is proud of the name of Dinko Sakic,' said Lasic at the funeral.

(From www.serbianna.com)

Video of Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska


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