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Hezbollah's Friendly Fire

Israeli Officials: 'Friendly Fire Incident Proves Beirut Government Has Granted Hezbollah Total Freedom Of Action To Open Fire As It Deems Fit'

Hezbollah's Downing Of Lebanese Chopper Indicates Volatility Of Situation Now That Beirut Has Sanctioned Hezbollah Attacks On Israel

In a case of mistaken identity, Hezbollah gunners have apparently shot down a Lebanese Army helicopter believing it to be Israeli. The chopper's navigator was killed and the pilot had to make an emergency landing.The incident occurred while the helicopter was making a low level flight occur what is known to be a Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon. Israeli officials told IsraCast: 'The friendly fire incident in effect proves the Beirut government has granted Hezbollah total freedom action to open fire on Israel'.

On taking office recently, the new Lebanese cabinet actually sanctioned Hezbollah attacks on Israel. Israeli leaders then warned that Jerusalem would now hold the Lebanese government responsible. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert added that in the Second Lebanon War, Israel considered itself to be fighting only Hezbollah and therefore did not use all the power at its disposal; however now Lebanon would bear the consequences of any fresh Hezbollah aggression. In what is tantamount to Lebanese Chutzpa, the Beirut government is lodging a complaint to the U.N. over what it calls Israeli threats to retaliate against Lebanon for Hezbollah attacks.

David Essing

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