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British Prime Minister Brown:'Britain, U.S. and European Partners Stand Prepared To Impose Further Sanctions Against Iran'

'Totally Abhorrent That President Of Iran Threatens To Wipe Israel Off Map Of The Earth!'

'Peace With Palestinians Is Now Within Israel's Grasp,You Must Seize The Opportunity'

Gordon Brown's addresses the Israeli Parliament

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has reacted sternly to Iran's rejection of the latest international offer to halt the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The British leader was speaking in Israel's parliament the Knesset where he also called on the Jewish state to seize the opportunity to make a peace with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. IsraCast reports that Brown made clear that the international community is about to intensify its campaign to isolate Tehran, if it does start negotiating in good faith.

'We are not taking No as an answer' that was the gist of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's reaction to Iran's refusal to accept the latest international offer to halt its nuclear weapons program. Over the weekend in Geneva, Tehran refused to suspend its uranium enrichment program at meeting that was attended for the first time by a U.S. diplomat, William Burns.

Brown first told the Knesset: 'It was totally abhorrent that the President of Iran had called for Israel to be wiped off the map of the world!' He then went on to say that Britain, the U.S. and its European partners stand ready to take firmer sanctions and would ask the international community to join them. Iran had a clear choice either to suspend nuclear weapons program and accept the offer for negotiations or to face

growing isolation and face collective response of not just one nation, but of all nations around the world.

Israel's parliament - the Knesset

Turning to the Palestinian issue, Brown told the Knesset that he believed peace was now within Israel's grasp in negotiations with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minster Salaam Fayad. They recognized that Palestinian goals could not be achieved at the expense of Israel's security, while the two state solution should be based on the 1967 border. A democratic Israel needed to be safe from attack and both recognized and at peace with all its neighbors.

The Palestinian state must be territorially viable and ready to live in peace alongside Israel and to persevered against the terrorists.Jerusalem should be the capital of both states and a just and agreed settlement for refugees was required.For its part Israel should freeze and withdraw from settlements.In expressing his strong support for Israel, Gordan Brown also declared his government's opposition to any boycotts of Israeli academics by their British colleagues.

David Essing

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