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Long range explosive detector

Automated human trace scanning

An Israeli company has developed a laser device that can detect a suicide bomber's explosives belt or chemical weapons from dozens of meters away. The new device can also detect minute traces of narcotics to help police forces fight drugs as well as minerals buried underground.

International Technologies Lasers (ITL) has developed a laser-based spectrometer that can detect the signature of particles emitted by different kinds of substances such as high explosives, chemicals and a variety of drugs and minerals. Spectrometer is a device designed to analyze the spectrum of light emitted by various bodies and the most advanced spectrometers, like the one being used on the ITL device, can even identify the residue left on a terrorists hands after handling a bomb.

Standoff detection unit

Until now the only way to identify explosives was either by physically checking the person or package or by passing it through a metal detector. The problem is that this method is slow, risky and could potentially be bypassed by more advanced explosives. The new laser spectrometer can detect different kinds of explosives from a safe distance, thus reducing the danger to law enforcement and making the screening process quicker and less intrusive to civilians.

The new device is composed of three different parts, the laser, the spectrometer and a computer that analyzes the received information and could be programmed to detect any material entered into the ITL database. It could also give early warning of buried explosives such as those troubling US forces in Iraq.

Although the device could potentially be deceived by placing the unauthorized materials in sealed containers, it would be a complex mission to completely seal such substances without leaving even a miniscule trace.

Car bomb detection unit

ITL was founded in 1973 and specializes in high-tech Electro-Optical systems. ITL is well known in the military and para-military world for its advanced night vision sights being used by military and police forces around the globe. According to a company spokesman, the laboratory system has a near-perfect detection rate and a prototype is less than six months away. The target market for the new device is the aviation security industry and the company is currently negotiating a deal with two major US firms. ITL is also working on an application of its solution for Israel's Defense Ministry.

ITL has also developed a version of the device capable of detecting traces of minerals inside mines. The advantage of the new system over older laboratory techniques is in the time factor - instead of a complex two-hour check in the laboratory, the ITL system provides on-the-spot measurements with 100% precision. The new system was tested recently by the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (FIPR) and scored flawlessly. The test was conducted in an IMC-GLOBAL mine - one of Americas leading phosphate mining companies.

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