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General Dan Shomron passed away

Gen. Dan Shomron (born 1937) was the 13th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, from 1987 to 1991.

Dan Shomron (1937-2008)

Dan Shomron was born in Kibbutz Ashdot Ya'akov, enlisted into the Paratroopers in 1955 and took part in reprisal activities and in the "Kadesh" operation (Sinai Campaign of 1956).

During the Six-Day War he commanded the Paratroopers reconnaissance unit, and was the first paratrooper to reach the Suez Canal.

During the War of Attrition he commanded a Paratroopers Battalion, and during the Yom-Kippur War he commanded the Armor Brigade. In 1974 he was appointed the commander of the Paratroopers and Infantry Corps with the rank of Brigadier General, and in July 1976 he commanded the "Yonatan" rescue operation to free the Israeli hostages of a hijacked airliner to Entebbe.

In 1979 he was appointed commanding officer of Southern Command. Following the signing of the peace treaty with Egypt, Shomron was responsible for the evacuation of IDF forces from Sinai. Towards the end of 1983, he established the headquarters of the Field Corps, and in January 1985 he was appointed the head of IDF Operations Branch. In October 1986 he was appointed deputy Chief of Staff and later was appointed Chief Of Staff in 1987 replacing General Moshe Levi. After retiring from the IDF, he served as the Chairman of the Israeli Military Industries.

Dan Shomron died from a stroke in the age of 70, on February 26 2008, leaving a wife and two children.

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