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John Bolton:'Recent American National Estimate Has Given Iran Free Rein To Develop Nuclear Weapons'

'Israel Is Fast Approaching Point Of Deciding Whether To Use Military Force Against Iran'

'The US Should Use Military Force As Last Resort To Prevent A Nuclear Iran'

John Bolton, Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton has painted a grim picture of the Iranian nuclear threat in light of the resent American intelligence assessment that created the impression that Iran halted its nuclear weapon program in 2003. Visiting Israel for the Herzliya Conference, Bolton left no doubt that the NIE has enabled the Iranians to proceed in the development of nuclear weapons. The former diplomat made clear that is was highly unlikely that US President George W. Bush would take military action against Iran before the end of his term in less than a year.

Whatever the reason America's national intelligence estimate chose to create the impression that Iran suspended its nuclear program in 2003, John Bolton has no doubt about the implication - the U.S has left Israel on it's own to confront the Iranians who threaten to wipe the Jewish state off the map. The former American ambassador to the UN told Israelis they should be under no illusions. In his view, Iran has been given free rain to proceed unmolested to acquiring he bomb. Although the U.S still recognizes the Iran poses a nuclear threat, the NIE has had a devastating impact on American policy.

Bolton went on to say that Israel has been left in a very difficult position and is fast approaching a decision on rather or not to use a military force to stop the Iranians. Bolton took issue with the casting of a cloak of secrecy over the Israeli air strike against a reported secret nuclear facility in Syria on September 6. Bolton said that Israelis and Americans had the right to know if North Korea was collaborating with Syria on secret nuclear projects. When asked if the next US president, whether  Republican or Democrat, should launch a military strike against Iran, Bolton replied: 'Yes as a last result because once Iran acquires nuclear weapons the calculus of the Middle East and of the entire world will change'         

David Essing

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