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Ambassador Meir Rosenne: 'Israel Like Every Other State Has The Right & Duty To Defend Its Citizens From Terrorist Attacks On Sderot That Have Been Going On For More Than Seven Years'

'Campaign Of Vilification Being Conducted Around the World Against Israel For Doing What Any Other Country Would Do In Light Of Hamas Provocation'

'International Community Ignored Seven Years Of Terrorist Rocketing Of Sderot But Mobilizes To Condemn Israel For Defending Itself'

Terrorists in Gaza Strip

Even while the U.N. Security Council was discussing the escalation between the Gaza Strip and Israel, Palestinian terrorists were still launching their Qassam rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot. They were hoping to kill or wound any men, women and children who might be caught out in the open and to score a direct hit on a home, school or kindergarten. This has been going on for over seven years now and has actually escalated since Israel totally withdrew from the Gaza Strip more than two years ago. In Jerusalem, President Shimon Peres declared that the Security Council should condemn Hamas and not the Israeli measures to try and halt the rocketing. IsraCast turned to Dr. Meir Rosenne a leading Israeli jurist and a former ambassador to the U.S. and France for an analysis of both the legal and political aspects of the ongoing situation.

Dr. Meir Rosenne says that from the point of international law there is no similar situation anywhere to Israel and the Gaza Strip. The international community did not accept Israel's claim that it was no longer responsible for the Palestinian situation inside the Gaza Strip after the total Israeli withdrawal over two years ago. This because Israel still controlled the air space, territorial waters and the entry and exit points to the Gaza Strip. But on the other hand, the primary responsibility of every government is to protect the lives of its citizens and also is based on international law.

Dr. Meir Rosenne

For the past seven years Israeli civilians in Sderot and the kibbutzs nearby have been the victims of continual Palestinian rocketing from the Gaza Strip (Last week alone the Palestinians fired more than 100 rockets into Israel). But for the past seven years the international community has ignored the shelling of Sderot and only after Israel reduced its supply of power and fuel has there been a rush to condemn Israel for a war crime. The fact that the rocketing of deliberate rocketing of Israeli civilians is also a war crime has been ignored by the U.N. and humanitarian organizations which have rushed to the side of the Palestinians who refuse to halt their attacks on Israel. In fact, Israel has made clear that it will halt its counter-terrorism operations against Gaza and lift its economic sanctions, if the Palestinians stop the attacks. Dr. Rosenne says: 'In the last 24 hours the international community declares it is very worried about what Israel is doing after showing no concern at all for the lives of Israeli citizens being attacked by the Palestinians in Gaza.'

The former ambassador also took issue with Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak for pressuring Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into easing the sanctions. This is all the more shocking in light of the fact that Egypt is not doing all it can to prevent the smuggling of explosives into Gaza from Egyptian controlled Sinai. Moreover, Hamas is part of the Islamist movement that is plotting to overthrow the Mubarak government and replace with a regime based on Islamic religious law. Meir Rosenne warned that the 'atmosphere of pogroms' being conducted against Israel can be exploited by anti-Semites everywhere.

David Essing

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