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Israeli Blood For Palestinian Fuel

Israeli Security Source: 'Palestinian Terrorists Exploit Every Weak Link To Attack Israelis Even If It Harms Their Own People'

'Danger That Terrorists On West Bank Will Also try To Exploit Israel's Lifting Of Fifty Checkpoints'

Question - Was Karni Fuel Depot Not Adequately Protected On False Assumption That terrorists Would Not Attack Fuel Supply To Gaza Strip?

The casualties: Oleg Lipson(37) and Lev Cherniak(53)

Israel has temporarily closed the Karni fuel depot to the Gaza Strip after Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli tanker truck drivers who were supplying fuel to the Palestinians. The four attackers were killed while trying to flee back to Gaza. A former Israeli security official has told IsraCast that the terrorists will exploit every weak point they can and warns that lifting 50 West Bank checkpoints may backfire for Israel.

Biting the hand that fuels you or Israeli blood for Palestinian fuel that's the crux of the latest Palestinian attack on the Karni depot that killed two Israeli civilians supplying fuel to the Gaza Strip. Every possible weak point will be attacked - even if it harms humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. After Israel had the nerve to reduce its fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip in response to the repeated rocket attacks that kill, wound and terrorize Israeli civilians in the town of Sderot and other communities, the Palestinians charged that Israel was guilty of a war crime. As if Israel's reducing fuel supplies to the Palestinians is far worse than the Palestinians rocketing and killing of Israelis. The fanatic Moslems have adopted a convaluted version the old Marx - Lenin tactic that: 'the worse off for the people the better for us'. So what will Israel do now? Cut off the fuel supply at Karni altogether and play into the terrorists' hands? More likely the closure will be temporary with better security protection around the depot.

Palestinian Terrorists in the Gaza Strip

In any case, the Palestinians will now be whining to the international press about how the Israelis have closed down the fuel supply through the Karni depot. On the West Bank, even the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas was fast off the mark charging that 'Israel will use the Karni killings as an excuse to stop fuel deliveries'.

This is by no means the first time the Palestinians exploit Israeli aid or good will gestures of one kind or another of one kind or another - a former Israeli security source says: 'It is the rule rather than the exception'. The Palestinians once used a woman with a metal plate in her leg as a suicide bomber to get through the metal detector at the Gaza check point. She was to be treated at an Israeli hospital and the Israeli soldiers on guard took pity on her and let her approach. She then detonated her bomb belt blowing killing them on the spot. Israel also supplies electricity to Gaza from the Ashdod power station so the Palestinians deliberately try and rocket that facility.

Hamas welcomes Israeli milk supply to Gaza (illustration: Ishai Nerel)

Although one IDF soldier was killed in a cross border patrol earlier on Wednesday, the IDF had reportedly eased up on its counter-terror strikes into Gaza to intercept and pre-empt the terrorists launching Qassam rockets. The military command inflicted heavy casualties during the recent ground operation into Gaza. A senior IDF officer has said that seventy-five terrorists were killed and over two hundred wounded. But it appears that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror groups have no problem in recruiting more fighters. Questions are now being asked about how the terrorists were able to break through the security fence into the tanker area and kill the two Israeli drivers. Apparently, there were no guards on duty - the feeling was that the terrorists would not dare attack a depot that was supplying their own people with badly needed fuel.

Under U.S. pressure and against the advice of Shabak Security Chief Yuval Diskin, the IDF has lifted some 50 checkpoints on the West Bank in a good will gesture to the Palestinians. One Israeli security source warns: 'More likely than not the question is not if but when the terrorists will also exploit this measure as well'.

Sgt. Sayef Bisan

The IDF soldier killed in Gaza on Wednesday morning was Sgt. Sayef Bisan, 21, of the Druse village of Jatt, east of Acre. Bisan served in the Golani Brigade's Egoz unit, which was sent into Gaza to stem Palestinian sniper and mortar fire on Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha.

The Druze people reside primarily in Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The Israeli Druze are mostly in the Galilee (70%) and around Haifa (25%). In Israel the majority of the approximately 120,000 Druze consider themselves a distinct ethnic group and do not identify themselves as Arab. Israeli Druze served in the Israeli army, voluntarily during 1948-1956, and at the community leaders' request, compulsorily ever since. Since 1957 the Israeli government has also designated the Druze a distinct ethnic community, at the request of the community's leaders.

Druze are prominent in the Israel Defense Forces and in politics. A considerable number of Israeli Druze soldiers have fallen in Israel's wars since the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the bond between is commonly known by the term "brit damim" (covenant of blood).


David Essing

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