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Sarah Livni (1922-2007)

Sarah Livni

Sarah Livni, the mother of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was a member of the Irgun, a pre-state paramilitary organization, and was arrested by the British and imprisoned in Bethlehem.

Eitan Livni

Sarah Livni was known as 'Little Sarah' during her Irgun days, and the famous song 'Alei Barikadot' begins with these words. You can listen to the original recording of the song, which was written by Michael Ashbel, another member of the Irgun. Please, do not make illegal copies of the song.

Sarah married Eitan, a fellow Irgun member, one day after Israel declared independence. The two were the first to be married in the modern state of Israel. Eitan Livni later joined the Likud and served as a Member of Knesset.


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