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Likud MK Benyamin Netanyahu: 'Prime Minister Olmert Has Abdicated His First Responsibility to Protect Children, Women and Men Of Sderot'

'Need For Ground Operation Into Sderot Before Qassam Rocket Causes Massacre In Town'

Kadima MK Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel: 'Political Considerations Are Preventing Military Solution To Suppressing Qassam Rocketing From Gaza Strip'

Palestinian Terrorists firing missiles on Sderot

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip have stepped up their Qassam rocketing of the Israeli town of Sderot as the new school year got underway - the terrorists called it a 'present'. On September 3rd seven Qassam rockets crashed into Sderot some during the early morning when parents were taking toddlers and children to school. There were no casualties but the town was terrorized with panic stricken parents and children rushing to bomb shelters. Thanks to 'Red Dawn', the early warning sirens give civilians some 15 seconds to run to safety. Angry parents cancelled school in protest. The next day the Knesset was reconvened from its summer recess for a special debate on the situation and Prime Minister Olmert's contacts with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. IsraCast asked Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu if Prime Minister Olmert was playing Russian roulette with the children of Sderot. Kadima MK Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, a former IDF general, also assessed the Sderot situation and why the Israeli government is apparently holding back.

Is Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert playing Russian roulette with the children of Sderot as Palestinian terrorists launch more Qassam rockets into the Israeli town? Opposition leader Bibi Netanyahu of the Likud says the Prime Minister has abdicated his first responsibility to protect the children, women and men of Sderot. Netanyahu told IsraCast that the government must not wait until a tragedy occurs before launching a ground operation into the area of Gaza used to fire the rockets. He adds that no country would do so.Netanyahu also criticized Olmert's current contacts with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas charging that Olmert has no moral mandate to do so because a majority of Israelis are opposed to future withdrawals that will only lead to the evacuated territory being used as launch pads for firing rockets into Israel. He also charged Labor party leader Ehud Barak for the unilateral pullout from Lebanon that lead to the Hezbollah rocketing of northern Israel last summer. Olmert who spearheaded the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza two years ago was now bound on withdrawing from the West Bank a move that would lead to Palestinian rockets following in the densely populated Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

MK Prof. Ben-Israel

Knesset Member Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, of Olmert's Kadima party, told IsraCast there is a military solution to the Palestinian rocketing from Gaza. IDF ground forces could enter Gaza to push the Qassams out of range. However, political considerations were blocking the operation. Such a move two years after the IDF evacuation would prove it had been a mistake and world public opinion would view it as a new Israeli conquest of Palestinian land. But it was only a matter of time before such an operation would be conducted if the rocketing continued. Ben Israel, an IDF reserve general added that the Palestinian were the only group in the world claiming to be fighting for its freedom that was not ashamed of its war crimes. In fact, they announce that they are deliberately trying to hit school children. Ben Yisrael said that at first IDF forces could be sent in and out of Gaza to hit the terrorists and only if these tactics didn't succeed should a permanent IDF presence be maintained to prevent the rocketing.

David Essing

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