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Ahmadinejad, Stop threatening Israel

Knesset Member Nadia Hilo has sent a letter to the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

MK Nadia Hilo

While Israelis are worried from the Iranian nuclear threat, MK Hilo decided to act on the issue. In a letter which is making its way to Iran, she is calling Ahmadinejad to stop his threats to exterminate Israel. Nadia Hilo is an Israeli Arab and as a member of the Labor party she was elected to the Knesset in the last elections. IsraCast brings you this open letter written by her to the Iranian president.

To: The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad

Subject: Your call to exterminate Israel.

For more than 30 years Israel and Iran had diplomatic relations that used to set an example for Israeli-Arab cooperation.

With the Islamic revolution of 1979 and the end of the Pahlavi dynasty, relations between the two countries were disconnected. From that point on, Israel turned into the "Little Devil" in the eyes of Iran, next to the United States as the "Big Devil". This change occurred despite the fact that Israel has never seen Iran as an enemy, and has no conflict with Iran.

With the rise of President Mohammed Khatami the situation seemed to change and Iran's policy shifted into a more moderate point of view. On April 8th 2005, during the funeral of Pope John Paul II, President Khatami sat next to former Israeli President Katzav, and it was reported that the latter shook hands.

After your rise to power, you ended this path of moderation, and you, Sir, chose to take a hard line where you call time after time for the extermination of the State of Israel - a state where Israelis and Arabs live side by side.

I am calling you today as an Israeli citizen elected by both Israelis and Arabs to serve as a member of the Israeli Knesset. I am calling you also as an Arab woman and a mother who was educated on the illustrious Arab cultural world, and who stands for the value of the sanctity of men and respect for others. I am asking you, in the name of millions of Jews and Arabs, and in the name of the Arab minority, which is 20% of the population, to change the policy that you're leading, to stop your threatening discourse, and to give a chance to peace between our nations.

We must not turn all our available resources toward arming ourselves with nuclear weapons that threaten the peace of the Middle East and the whole world, but toward a way of reconciliation, a way of peace that will affect the entire region.

Iran can have an important role in creating permanent peace in the region, and in ending the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and the rest of the Arab countries.

The time has come for the Iranian people, with your glorious legacy and long history of peace, prosperity and welfare, to promote just and lasting peace in our region.

With hope for signs of peace from your direction,

Member of Knesset Nadia Hilo


  • President of Israel, Shimon Peres
  • Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert
  • Chairman of the Labor Party and Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak
  • President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso
  • Head of the European Commission's Delegation to Israel, Ramiro Cibrian



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