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Prime Minister Sharon: ‘Anyone Who Says I’m Not Clobbering Terrorists Is Out Of His Mind!’

Deputy Premier Olmert: ‘Israel Will Smite Cancer of Terrorists Wherever They Are’

PM Cancels His Participation In Yom-Kippur Memorial As A Result Of Threats By Right-Wingers Opposed To His Withdrawal

Damascus - Assassination

At Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery, the annual memorial service was held for the 2,689 IDF soldiers who fell in the Yom-Kippur War of October 1973. However, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon canceled his participation because of the extremely tight security precautions after threats, apparently from opponents to his withdrawal plans. As a rule, Israel never comments on the killing of terrorists abroad, however both Sharon and Deputy Premier Ehud Olmert were talking about the need to hit the terrorists, when a leading Palestinian terrorist was assassinated in Damascus.

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Dep. P.M. Olmert (Photo: Amit Shabi)

Speaking for Prime Minister Sharon, Deputy Premier Ehud Olmert, declared that no Yom-Kippur has been the same, since Egypt and Syria launched their massive surprise attack on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Although 31 years have passed, it was impossible to forget the young soldiers who fell at the age of twenty, fighting off the enemy onslaught. They had paid the price of Israel’s short-sightedness and failure to understand the enemy’s intentions. Olmert said the lesson was clear; Israel must never let down their guard even for a moment. He then hinted at the government’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria. He spoke of the need for Israel to: ‘distance herself from her enemies’. Everything would be done to guarantee Israel’s security while pursuing prospects for peace. However, he added with one hand would smite the cancer of terrorism everywhere, while the other hand would seek separation.

IDF Chief Of Staff Moshe Ya’alon spoke of Mount Herzl being the burial site of different generations of the fallen who had given their all for Israel’s survival. ‘My war, and those of may age, was the Yom-Kippur War.’ It was the war, which shattered Israelis’ anchor to reality. It took the political and IDF leadership almost totally by surprise. But when it was over, the IDF had repulsed the Arab attackers and stood only 101 kilometers on the road to Cairo and within artillery range of Damascus. And the Chief of Staff added: ‘My lesson from the Yom-Kippur War is that Israel must face up to reality and not be guided by wishful thinking.’

P.M. Sharon (Photo: Amit Shabi)

Prime minister Ariel Sharon normally attends the Memorial service, this time he did not because security precautions for him are now so tight, they would have hindered the mourners from visiting the gravesites. Over Yom-Kippur more slogans were painted on roads near his Jerusalem residence, accusing him and Bibi Netanyahu of responsibility for the terrorism which has claimed more Israeli lives. Painted on walls and the street, ‘Sharon is a killer!’ with a bull’s eye target for the Prime Minister. In another development, Gideon Ezra, the acting Minister of Public Security has criticized the Attorney General for not prosecuting a Rabbi and others for inciting against the Prime Minister.

At the weekly cabinet session, Sharon was criticized by NRP minister Zvulun Orlev who said the settlers feel the Prime Minister is not doing cracking down on the terrorists. Sharon retorted that who says he is not hitting the Palestinian terrorists is, ‘out of his mind.’

David Essing

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