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Israeli Sources: ‘Shooting Attack Was A Terrorist Warning To Muhmoud Abbas, Arafat’s Apparent Successor’

‘Western’ Sub Is Detected And Warned Off By Israeli Navy After Violating Israel’s Territorial Waters

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen)

Muhmoud Abbas, widely touted as Yasser Arafat’s successor, sparked machine gun fire when he paid a condolence call at the Arafat ‘mourning tent’ in Gaza. Two of bodyguards were shot dead, apparently as a warning to Abbas who is considered to be a moderate opposed to the Palestinian terrorism. Meanwhile, out in the Mediterranean, there was some excitement of another kind.

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Within fourty-eight hours of Yasser Arafat’s funeral, Palestinian terrorists sprayed machine gun fire killing two bodyguards of Arafat’s apparent successor, Muhmoud Abbas. And it was apparently a warning to Muhmoud Abbas from Arafat’s gunmen.


Ballots or bullets? This is the question now facing the Palestinians in the wake of Arafat’s death and the holding of elections in two months. The volatile situation exploded in automatic gunfire in the ‘tent of mourning’ in Gaza when Muhmoud Abbas showed up. The terrorists killed two bodyguards of Abbas who was rushed away from the scene. The attackers were suspected of being members of terror organizations who are opposed to Abbas, considered a moderate who opposes Arafat’s policy of terrorism. The gunmen were apparently telling Abbas:‘ If you try and mess with us, next time it will be you!’

Secondly, Arafat was the ultimate warlord. He kept his hands on the purse strings to the tune of $100 million from the Palestinian budget for funding various terror gangs. Those gangs are not only worried that Abbas may try and halt the terrorism, they are also concerned he will cut off their funding. Arafat spawned the various terror gangs as a tool to pressure Israel when Jerusalem did not give in to his demands during the Oslo process. The culture of nearly everyone firing a Klachnikov rifle was seen clearly at Arafat’s funeral and now in his mourning tent. The grim question now is ‘Whether the jinni is out of the bottle for good?’ As for Muhmoud Abbas he says the shooting was not an assassination attempt… he’s probably right. If the gunmen had really wanted to take him out, they could have. But it is a sign of how the ‘intifada’ rebellion has turned into the ‘intifouda’, which means anarchy in Arabic.

Israeli leaders are keeping mum so far. Prime Minister has bridled them with a gag order to keep attention focused squarely on what the Palestinians are doing about violence and terrorism. Arafat’s terrorists are now out to terrorize a new Palestinian leader who may want to call off the violence and cut a peace deal with Israel.

But make no mistake: IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon warns the terrorists may have taken a time out for Arafat’s funeral and the holy month of Ramadan, but they’ll soon be back with a fresh wave of attacks against Israel.

Israeli Navy

So much for the Palestinian arena, the Mediterranean is another. The IDF has just revealed that a ‘Western’ submarine penetrated Israel’s territorial waters about a week ago. The sub was believed to be on an intelligence mission. However, it was detected almost immediately by Israeli naval vessels. Likud MK Yuval Steinitz, the Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, says the Israeli ships could have probably sunk the sub but warned it off instead. Who did the sub belong to? Steinitz says there are 4 countries, which regularly operate subs in the eastern Mediterranean; the U.S., Russia, France and Italy.The Israeli Navy is capable of identifying the ‘signature’ of foreign submarines- but so far it has not revealed the identity of the mysterious sub, which sailed into Israel’s territorial waters.

David Essing

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