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PM Sharon: ‘Within Months, Iran Plans On Re-Activating Centrifuges To Enrich Uranium For Nuclear Weapons’

‘Israel views This As A Point Of No Return’

Iranian Missile range

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warns that Iran is now stock-piling raw material to enrich uranium for its nuclear weapons program. Sharon issues the warning at a news conference with Israeli editors and reporters in Tel Aviv. The annual gathering commemorates the Nov. 29th U.N. Partition vote, which lead to the establishment of the modern day state of Israel.

In just a matter of months, Iran plans to re-activate its centrifuges to enrich uranium for its nuclear weapons program. Ariel Sharon also warned that Tehran is now stock-piling the necessary raw material for the process.

P.M. Sharon

This was the gravest warning ever issued by the Israeli Prime Minister. Sharon said: ‘From Israel’s point of view, Iran’s technological capacity to enrich nuclear fuel would pose a point of no return!’ Reading from a written statement, he went on to say there was no doubt that Iran is continuing its nuclear weapons program. This, despite the greater international monitoring this past year by the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. Sharon added that the diplomatic effort by Britain, France and Germany had slowed down the Iran’s nuclear drive, but not halted it. And he warned that the diplomatic contacts with Iran might be a ‘critical mistake’ when it came to blocking Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. The Prime Minister said’ The Iranians are talking to buy time as they continue’. But not only was Israel concerned, so is the U.S. and there was a need to immediately ascertain that the Iranians had halted their nuclear weapons plan.

At the same time, the Prime Minister stressed that although was gravely concerned, it was not heading the campaign. Sharon concluded that it was up to the international community to clarify to Iran that it would pay a ‘heavy price’ if it continues the nuclear weapons program.

So much for Sharon’s update on Iran. The Prime Minister was obviously warning that time is running out for the international community while the Iranians try to lull the world with diplomatic double talk. There is ample proof that Iran is masterminding its own global campaign of terrorism. In south Lebanon, it has armed the Hizballah gunmen with most of the thirteen thousand rockets deployed along the Israeli border; this after the U.N. verified that the IDF had withdrawn to the international border over four years ago. Even the Europeans are now alarmed over the specter of Iran’s ballistic missiles reaching their capitals with nuclear warheads. All this, by a radical Islamic state with some of the largest oil reserves in the world and facing no real external threat after the elimination of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. The U.S. has repeatedly declared it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons; according to Sharon, the European Union has only a few months left to try and deter the Ayatollahs with a similar message; to ‘jaw-jaw’ will not work.

Warnning to Europe ( Washington Post )


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