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British PM Blair: ‘Palestinian Terrorism Must Stop If Peace Negotiations Are To Go Anywhere’

‘Anyone Who Doubts Sharon’s Sincerity Should Put Him To The Test’

PM Sharon: ‘Disengagement Is Not Last Stop - If Palestinians Halt Terrorism I’m Ready To Negotiate Everything In The Roadmap’

‘Israel Is A State Of Law And Disengagement Will Be Implemented On Schedule’

Blair & Sharon (Israel Tv channel 1)

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem and acting Palestinian leader Muhmoud Abbas in Ramallah before the Palestinian Presidential election on January 9th. Both Sharon and Blair appeared to see eye to eye on the need for an end to Palestinian terrorism and also that Israel’s upcoming withdrawal was not intended to be Jerusalem’s last word. The British Prime Minister stressed that the upcoming London conference would prepare the groundwork for the Palestinians and Israel to start negotiating the Roadmap peace proposal after the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip and 4 West Bank settlements by the end of 2005. Blair concurred with Sharon’s decision not to attend the conference, which is designed to discuss Palestinian reforms and foreign aid. Here are extensive excerpts from the joint news conference starting first with Blair’s comments on the London meeting:

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