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PM Sharon: ‘If Palestinians Attack Israeli Civilians Evacuating Gaza Strip, IDF Will Respond With Massive Force!

‘Allegations That I Have Tied Hands Of IDF In Order To Help Palestinian Leader Muhmoud Abbas In Upcoming Election Are Malicious Lies’

PM Sharon in Committee

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has warned he will order the IDF to hit back with massive fire-power, if Palestinians attack Israeli civilians evacuating the Gaza Strip next summer. Addressing the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Sharon made clear he would not tolerate mortar, rocket or any other type of attack on the Israeli families he is ordering to pull out. The Prime Minister made clear that the Israeli military will be prepared to do whatever it takes to stop any Palestinian assault during the pullback from all of the settlements in Gaza and four more on the West Bank. However, right wing critics still contend that Sharon is now restraining the IDF in the face of continuing Palestinian mortar and Qassam rocket attacks. Committee Chairman Yuval Steinitz of the Likud, later described the Prime Minister’s warning in the closed door hearing:

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