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U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman: ‘U.S. Financial Aid To Palestinians Will Likely Depend On Their Combating Terror and Incitement’

Senator Lieberman

U.S. Senator Mark Dayton: ‘We've Got To Bring The Iranians To Recognize Their Responsibility For Nuclear Sanity’

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 Two leading U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman and Mark Dayton have visited Ramallah and Jerusalem for talks with Palestinian and Israeli officials. Later at a Jerusalem news conference, both senators said they were impressed by the new more moderate approach being voiced by Palestinian leaders Muhmoud Abbas and Ahmed Queira. However, the senators stressed that Washington was waiting to see what action would be against terror and incitement after the Palestinian presidential election on January 9th. Dayton and Lieberman also warned of the looming threat posed by Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. First, Joe Lieberman followed by Mark Dayton.

David Essing

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