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Entebbe Conspiracy & British Bombings

British Foreign Office Releases Document Of British Document Quoting Arab Source As Saying That Palestinian Skyjacking Of Air France Airliner To Entebbe Was Carried Out With Knowledge and Aid Of Israel's Shin Beit Secret Service

IDF Officers Involved In Entebbe Rescue Operation Call Document 'Ludicrous'

IsraCast Releases Photos By Renowned Photographer David Rubinger Of British Army Car Bombing In Jerusalem in 1948

Ben yehuda Street 22 feb. 1948 (photo: David Rubinger)

British lecturers are not only out to boycott Israeli professors and students, the British Foreign Office is also in on the act. Official classified documents now released after the 30 year ban includes one that alleges that Palestinian terrorists skyjacked the Air France airliner to Entebbe in 1976 with the knowledge and aid of the Shin Beit, Israel's Security Service. As ridiculous as the allegation appears to be, it has received serious coverage by the BBC and several leading newspapers. The 'conspiracy' is based solely on an Arab source. IsraCast is publishing photos of what were very likely to have been British car bombings in Jerusalem before the end of the mandate in 1948. These photos were taken by the well known photographer David Rubinger.

The BBC and several British newspapers have latched on to a new 'Israeli conspiracy'. It is based on a report by a diplomat at the British embassy relating to Israel's rescue mission on July 4th 1976, to free the 105 hostages of the Air France airliner that was hijacked to Entebbe. A senior diplomat at the British embassy in Paris sent a report to London that quoted an Arab source as saying the hijacking was executed with the knowledge and aid of Israel's Shin Beit Security Service. The document, among others, was released after the 30 year ban on classified Foreign Office documents. The diplomat wrote that the skyjacking was carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. According to the diplomat the Israelis had two good reasons to aid the skyjackers: they wanted to sabotage the growing ties between the PLO and France while also seeking to block any contacts between the PLO and the Americans. Former Israeli officers who participated in the rescue call the British report ludicrous. They were amazed that it was given serious coverage in the British media. Special Forces Units were flown some 3,800 kilometers to Uganda and the risky mission could have ended in disaster at any point, particularly during the landing at Entebbe airport in the dark. After touchdown a firefight erupted with Ugandan troops who were collaborating with the terrorists on the orders of Idi Amin. Colonel Yoni Netanyahu, the brother of former prime minister Bibi Netanyahu was killed and several soldiers were seriously wounded. A number of passengers were also killed. Was that also part of the conspiracy?

The Explosion in Ben-Yehuda Street

the Palestine Post Building 06 jun. 2007 (photo: Tomer Yaffe)
Bank Discount At Ben yehuda Street bombing area

Between January and March 1948, the Jewish community in Jerusalem suffered blow after blow. On January l, a booby-trapped car exploded in Hasolel Street (present-day Hahavatzelet Street) near the editorial offices of the Palestine Post, the Jewish-owned English-language daily. The building was destroyed and the printing press set alight; nearby buildings were damaged and there were many casualties. The Jewish authorities, on the basis of eye-witness reports, were convinced that British soldiers had detonated the car bomb and openly accused the British of carrying out this horrific act.

Ben yehuda Street 22 feb. 1948 (photo: David Rubinger)
Ben yehuda Street 06 jun. 2007 (photo: Tomer Yaffe)

On February 22, another tragedy - later known as the 'Ben-Yehuda Street incident' - occurred in Jerusalem. At 6:15 a.m. a convoy of three military trucks accompanied by an armored police vehicle approached the Jewish check-post in Romema. The British soldiers prevented the guards at the check-post from examining the contents of the vehicles and the convoy continued on its way to the center of Jerusalem. It halted at the top of the Ben-Yehuda Street. The soldiers abandoned the trucks and left the site in the armored car. Shortly afterwards, Jerusalem was shaken by a huge explosion. Four buildings crumbled, their residents killed or trapped under the debris. Jerusalem civilians were summoned to transport the wounded to hospital and search for bodies amid the rubble. Some 50 Jews were killed, with more than 100 injured.

The city was stunned. From the testimony of the guards at Romema, it was clear that it had been a deliberate and well-planned act of sabotage on the part of the British.

(by Prof. Yehuda Lapidot)

David Essing

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