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New Jordanian Hebrew Website

The new Jordanian Website in Hebrew

The Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv has created a web site in Hebrew, for the first time since the Hashemite Kingdom signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994. This is the only official Arab web site in Hebrew that is in regular operation.

"The purpose of the web site is to address Israeli public opinion directly, in an effort to present the way Jordan sees the situation in the region," Ambassador Ali al-Ayid told Haaretz on Tuesday.

The website is administered by embassy staff and contains a wide variety of information. Among the documents available on the site is a full translation into Hebrew of the Arab Peace Initiative as it was approved by the Arab League Summit in Beirut in 2002. The site also contains the texts of all agreements between the two countries, including the 1994 peace treaty. In addition, the site offers important information for the Israeli visitor to Jordan - both tourist information and, for those who wish to do business in the kingdom, economic information, such as Jordan's economic agreements with Israel. And, as is fitting for a monarchy, one can also find information on the royal family. (Source: Haaretz)

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