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Former Justice Minister Tommy Lapid: 'The British Lecturers' Boycott Of Israeli Academia Is Comparable To Nazi Germany's Burning Of Jewish Books'

Yosef Tommy Lapid

The boycott of Israeli academia recommended by the University and College Union (UCU) in Britain has sparked an angry response in Israel. Journalist Tommy Lapid wrote this imaginary Israeli response to what most Israelis view as an outrageous decision by the 300 lecturers who represent some 120,000 others in Britain. On his weekly program on Israel Radio, Lapid a former Justice Minister read his tongue in cheek letter to a British professor. IsraCast has found it appropriate to translate his response that ended with a rendition of 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen'.

"Distinguished Professor: I certainly understand your humanitarian reasons that prompted you to vote for the resolution of Britain's UCU to boycott lecturers and students of Israel's academia. I also accept your explanation that you did not declare a similar boycott of American academia, despite the occupation of Iraq, solely because you forgot at the time. I would not even consider, certainly not, that you were remiss in ignoring Iraq because you were not eager to sever you ties with Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the other American universities.

You do not harbor such petty considerations, absolutely not! You will obviously understand that the' fair play' which moves Britain's left-wing intellectuals to persecute Israelis, also entitles us to balance your decision by one of our own. Therefore, we forbid you any usage of the Bible because of its being written in original Hebrew. You are barred all use of it for prayer, scientific research and for reading material. Henceforth, any reference of the Ten Commandments, by you and your colleagues, will be considered a violation of our exclusive copyright. This also applies to the New Testament which, as is well known, was authored by Jews from the Land of Israel.

On the other hand, you are permitted to make full use of das Capital by Karl Marx as a fitting punishment that you so justly deserve. I feel confident that you will also fare well without the teaching of Sigmund Freud. There are not a few scientists among you as well as Palestinian intellectuals who will easily fulfill the vacuum left by Freud.

You are aware that Palestinian intellectuals in large measure paved the way for the suicide bombers as an expression of of resistance to Freud's theories on aggression. To our great sorrow, you will also have to carry on without Albert Einstein. As is also well known, Einstein was not only a good Jew but also an Enthusiastic Zionist who bequeathed his papers to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which you have voted to boycott.

Your physicists will now have to make do without Einstein's theory of relativity and to base their research solely on that of Isaac Newton, from several hundred years earlier. The gap created by your boycott creates a gap that you should be able to span say within two hundred years.

But what is all important is is that forthwith you are requested to burn all the books written by Jews, precisely as your spiritual forefathers did in Nazi Germany!"

Yosef Tommy Lapid


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