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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: 'I Must Hurry Back To Work & Move Forward'

PM Ariel Sharon (Photo: Amit Shabi)

After spending a day and a half in Hadassah hospital for tests and treatment for a mild stroke, Prime minister Ariel Sharon is sent home by doctors to rest a few days before returning to full time work.

Smiling and joking with reporters, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was released from Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, after suffering a mild stroke on Sunday evening. Sharon appeared very relaxed and unfaded by the sudden illness that saw his motorcade speeding to the hospital after the Prime Minister complained that he has not feeling well. After tests and medication to successfully dissolve a blood clot that prevented the flow of blood to his brain, Hadassah doctors proclaimed that no permanent damage had been caused and Sharon could return to a full workload after resting for several days. On leaving the hospital, the Prime Minister said he wished to thank the Hadassah staff for their dedicated treatment. When reporters were quick to start firing questions at him Sharon cracked: 'I see you missed me. I was moved by the concern of the citizens of Israel for my welfare'. Sharon dismissed a question about whether the mild stroke would affect his functioning as prime minister. Sharon said: 'I must hurry back to work and move forward (Kadima in Hebrew, the name of Sharon's new party). I want to thank you for your attention and concern'. When one reporter asked for a reaction to Bibi Netanyahu's election as new Likud party leader Sharon scoffed: 'Ach, what you people deal in'.

David Essing

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