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New Cabinet

Sharon's New Coalition Cabinet Holds First Cabinet Session. Several Likud Cabinet Ministers Annoyed At Government's Survival Depending On Support Of Far Left And Arab MKs.Likud 'Rebels' Likely To Vote For State Budget, After All Withdrawal Items Are Deleted.

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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new cabinet met for the first time against rumblings in his Likud party over the Knesset vote approving the new government. The vote was 58-56 with 6 abstentions and far-left Yachad teamed with up with Arab Mks in giving Sharn a victory by not voting against his disengagement cabinet. Likud cabinet minister Yisrael Katz warns he cannot ignore indefinitely that Arab and far-left MKS are shoring up the cabinet on next summer's withdrawals. Interviewed on IBA Israel Television, analyst David Essing discussed what Sharon might do in order reinforce his shaky coalition which depends on opposition members for implementing the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements. The interviewer was Yochanan Elrom:

David Essing

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