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Palestinian President Deploys Hundreds Of Security Forces To Prevent Shelling Of Israeli Towns And Settlements

Israeli Cabinet Meets in Sderot To Show Solidarity With Qassam Targeted Town

Analyst David Essing: 'Sharon And Abbas Start Building Israeli-Palestinian Credibility and Momentum'

Cabinet in Sderot

The Israeli town of Sderot and other villages and settlements finally enjoyed a quiet weekend. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deployed hundreds of his security forces to prevent the launching of Qassam rockets and mortars at the Israeli towns and villages. The terrorist groups of Hamas and Islamic Jihad say Israel must pay a price for their halting the violence. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon held the weekly cabinet session in the town of Sderot, which has been hit by some 600 Qassam rockets launched from across the border in the Gaza Strip. Elsewhere in the Southern Gaza Strip and the West Bank, clashes continued between the terrorists and IDF troops. Interviewed on Israel Television's IBA News, David Essing assessed the latest developments with anchor Yochanan Elrom.



David Essing

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