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Mossad Director Dagan: 'Iran Is Only Months Away From Nuclear Point Of No Return'

'Unless Stopped, Iran Will Be Able To Independently Enrich Uranium By The End Of 2005'

MK Steinitz: 'A Nuclear Iran Will Pose a Devastating Existential Threat Not Only To Israel But To Entire World'

Meir Dagan

IDF Gen. (ret). Meir Dagan, the Director of the Mossad Intelligence Agency has warned that by the end of 2005 Iran will pass the point of no return in its drive to produce nuclear weapons. Dagan gave this assessment in a closed-door briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Enriched uranium is in effect Iran's missing link for producing nuclear weapons because it has already developed long-range missiles as a delivery system. Committee Chairman, MK Yuval Steinitz of the Likud, warned that a nuclear Iran would threaten not only Israel but also the rest of the world. Steinitz told IsraCast that in his view it was not up to the 'miniscule state' of Israel to find a solution to the global threat of a nuclear Iran.

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