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General Zeevi-Farkash: 'Palestinian President Abbas Has Deployed Security Forces But Is Not Confronting Terrorists in Gaza'

'Iran, Hizballah And Syria Are Now Urging Terrorists To Step Up Attacks And Sabotage Israeli-Palestinian Peace Effort'

'Russia Has Sold Syria Advanced SA-18 Ground To Air Missiles Mounted On Vehicles'

Essing in IBA News

Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, the commander of IDF military intelligence, says Palestinian President Mahmoud is depending on persuasion rather than on an active counter-terror campaign to rein in attacks on Israel from Gaza. Although Abbas has ordered his security forces to set up roadblocks and patrol the border area, he is not making arrests or confiscating illegal weapons. The IDF intelligence chief says the Palestinians are not ready to enforce a total cease-fire until the upcoming Abbas-Sharon summit meeting next week. Appearing on Israel Television's IBA news, Analyst David Essing was interviewed by Yochanan Elrom:



David Essing

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