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Talia Adar

Consultant and International Relations

Talia Adar serves as a consultant for IsraCast and oversees the International Relations department.

Talia immigrated to Israel from the U.S. and currently resides in Jerusalem.

Since 1993, Talia has been with the Israeli Police Reserves, working in both the patrol and undercover units. She is currently the Operations Officer for the Civil Guard, Zion Station, Jerusalem Region in a Reservist capacity.

Talia has worked in television, film, and radio production in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; and worked at the Jerusalem Post in various capacities for a number of years. She is currently the Director of Operations for Protect - Israeli Security Solutions, and is also involved with the International Intelligence Summit, a not-for-profit organization that brings together intelligence agencies of the free world and the emerging democracies to share ideas in the common war against terror.

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