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‘Were such an attack to occur, it would stagger the world economy and thrust tens of millions of people into dire poverty.’

In an address to the special international conference on terrorism held in Madrid, the UN Secretary General warned of the threat from terrorist organizations to carry out nuclear attack. The conference marked the first anniversary of a terrorist strike in Madrid, which killed 191 people. Kofi Annan stressed:‘That such an attack has not yet happened is not an excuse for complacency. Rather, it gives us a last chance to take effective preventive action.’

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Kofi Annan

The UN Secretary General called of the nations of the world to unite in an attempt to prevent terrorist organizations to acquire weapons of mass destruction.‘Perhaps the thing that is most vital is to deny terrorists access to nuclear materials. Nuclear terrorism is still often treated as science fiction. I wish it were.’

In a speech to experts and leaders from more than 50 countries, proposed an international pact on terrorism in order to prevent attacks.The conference lasted four days, and with the experts participating on special panels in trying to identify terrorist elements and formulate solutions. Their recommendations include a definition of terrorism according to the UN, as well as guidelines, which will be defined as “the Madrid Agenda”. The conference participants will present the subject to their governments.

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