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Ambassador Zalman Shoval: 'Middle East Perceptions Of Next U.S. President Will Have Cogent Influence On Israel's Fate'

'Former American Diplomat Aaron Miller Distorts Reality By Saying U.S. Is Biased Toward Israel'

'Miller Gives Fuel To Israel's Adversaries'

Former American diplomat Aaron David Miller has stirred up a new controversy over who is to blame in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Miller in his book 'The Much Too Promised Land' charged the U.S. was biased toward Israel and even acting as 'Israel's lawyer'. In an interview with IsraCast, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington, Zalman Shoval rejects the contention saying it distorts the true reality and warns that although Miller probably blames the Arabs more than Israel his book will give fuel to Israel's adversaries.

Former Ambassador Zalman Shoval says that George W. Bush, who is about to again visit Israel for the 60th Independence Day, is undoubtedly one of the friendliest U.S. president to Israel. Although Washington and Jerusalem differed with Israel on such issues as an Israeli negotiation with Syria and the Hamas participation in the Palestinian election, the two countries acted 'in harmony in most cases'. As for the election of the next American president, U.S. interests were the same if a Democratic or Republican sits in the White House. However, how the new president views the threats of a nuclear Iran and radical Islam will have a direct influence on the formulation of policy and on the fate of Israel.

Aaron David Miller

Commenting on former American diplomat Aaron Miller's book 'The Much Too Promised Land', Shoval said it distorted reality by charging that U.S. administrations were biased in favor of Israel. It might give the impression that Israel had not done enough to further the peace process and all that was needed was for Washington to exert pressure on the Jewish state. This at a time that Israel had been making concrete concessions for Palestinian promises that were repeatedly broken. Even today, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, although a more sympathetic personality that Yasser Arafat, still refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and pursued the same long term goals as Arafat.

Shoval went on to say that Miller probably blamed the Palestinians more than Israel for the failure to reach peace but such comments like America acting as Israel's lawyer would give fuel to those who were not friends of Israel and even questioned Israel's right to exist. The former ambassador asked if Miller was arguing for even- handedness while Israel was still fighting for its life and existence?

Miller served as deputy to chief U.S. envoy Dennis Ross at the Camp David peace summit in 2000 when President Bill Clinton hosted Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Chairman Yasser Arafat. Shoval charged that Miller had distorted the reality of the situation noting that Dennis Ross blamed Arafat for the failure to reach peace. As Shaoval put it: 'Arafat had no intention whatsover of reaching an agreement even for Barak's gernerous concessions'.

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