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Israeli Leaders Send Condolences And Offers Of Help To Britain

British Ambassador MacDonald: 'Israelis Know Better Than Others What British Citizens Are Now Feeling'

Finance Minister Netanyahu: 'There Must Be No Compromise With Al Qaeda And No Compromise With Palestinian Terrorism Being Waged Against Israel'

Terror In London

Although continually attacked by Palestinian suicide bombers, Israel appeared to be stunned nonetheless by the vicious terrorist assault on the city of London. David Essing reports on initial reactions. In addition, IsraCast is rebroadcasting a previous analysis by American security analyst Frank Gaffney who discussed the issue of open, democratic societies faced with the threat of Islamic terrorism.

It's happening again, this time in London - perhaps the best way to describe how most Israelis reacted to the horrific TV reports of blood and grief from the British capital. Although the massacre happened in another place and to other people, for many Israelis it was reliving a nightmare; how could it be otherwise? Over one thousand Israeli children, women and men were murdered and over six thousand others maimed in the Palestinian wave of suicide bombers which began in September 2000. Every Israeli has a relative, friend or acquaintance, who was either a casualty or had a very close call. So, Israelis also know how deep the pain and suffering will be, not only for the British casualties, but also for the families which will be shattered for life.State President Katzav, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other leaders sent their condolences and offers to help in any way possible. But Sharon also issued a stern instruction to all officials not to compare the Al Qaeda atrocity in London with the Palestinian wave of suicide bombers; this was not the time.

'We Shall Not Be Defeated!': Britain's Ambassador to Israel Simon MacDonald issued a statement saying Israelis understand, better than others, what the citizens of Britain are now feeling. The Ambassador sent the clear message that the terrorists would not win. MacDonald went on to say the attacks in Israel were similar to the offensive on the British capital. In both cases, the terrorism was aimed at dominating people's lives.

'Freedom Will Win': Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in London on government business when he heard one of the nearby explosions. In the Maariv daily Netanyahu wrote: 'It was only a matter of time. When Islamic terror was not rooted out at its inception, it was only a matter of time before it would strike in European capitals. Now the British are forced not only to join Israelis facing murderous attacks in their capital, but also the Americans, Spaniards, Russians and others who have been targeted by Islamic terrorism. This terrorism seeks to destroy western civilization and the western societies which preserve it. The terrorists aspire to drive humanity into the dark days of the past when their fanatic doctrine ruled much of the world. The terrorists' main weapon is the fear they wish to instill in their victims. Therefore the primary weapon of free societies must be the determination not to surrender but rather to turn the tables: it must be the terrorists and those who dispatch them who flee in fear. Free societies are being attacked not because of their actions but what they stand for and their very existence. Al Qaeda views the existence of a free and democratic U.S. as the root of all evil and not because of this or that action. The American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq followed the terror attack on the U.S. not before. In the same manner, the Arab terror attacks on Israel preceded the establishment of the Jewish State as well as the Six-Day War and this should be remembered. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aksa Brigades see the very existence of a free, western Israel as a crime that must be extirpated and as a cancer in the body politic of the Arab nation and Islam which must also be eradicated.There can be no compromise with Al Qaeda terrorism in the same manner there must be no compromise with the terrorism waged against Israel. They are both nurtured by the same poisonous source and supported by the same sinister regimes. Throughout history, free societies have proved they can withstand and defeat the fiercest forces of evil when they realize there is no alternative but to fight back. It happened here in Britain sixty five years ago against Nazi terror; I hope it will happen this time as well.'

David Essing

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