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Dr. Yitzhak Minerbi: 'Vatican Segregates Terrorism Against Israelis From Other Terrorism'

'Failure Of Israeli Government To React To Previous Vatican Omissions Has Resulted In Today's Situation'

Vatican - Knesset

The row started when the Vatican condemned recent terror attacks in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Britain but omitted Israel. (On July 12th, a Palestinian suicide bomber murdered six Israelis and wounded scores of others in Netanya; this is addition to numerous other less deadly attacks.) The Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem summoned the Vatican Ambassador to protest and issued a statement that: 'The Pope's omission of this incident cries out to the heavens'. In Rome, the Vatican has responded by saying: 'The Holy See cannot take lessons or instructions from any other authority on the tone and content of its own statements'. Dr. Yitzhak Minerbi is an Israeli expert on Vatican relations and in an interview with David Essing, assesses the current row between Jerusalem and the Vatican.

London - Netanya

Does the Vatican differentiate between terror against Israel and terror is other countries? Dr. Yitzhak Minerbi says: ‘Definitely, Yes!’ Minerbi says there was no reason for the Vatican to deliberately omit Israel and create the impression that the terrorism against Israel is not similar to that in London and elsewhere. In reaction to the latest statement by the Vatican spokesman that Holy See has often condemned terrorism against Israel in the past, Minerbi says this was always accompanied with understanding for the ‘poor Palestinians’ and that Israel’s retaliation was not always compatible with international rights. Minerbi also noted that the Vatican made no such distinction London policemen shot dead an innocent Brazilian who was wearing a jacket. This is a trend expressed by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who naturally condemned al Qaeda terrorism in his own city but understood Palestinian terrorism against Israel. Dr. Minerbi criticized the Israeli government for failing to take a clear-cut position against the attempt by the Vatican to segregate terrorism against Israel from terrorism against others.

David Essing

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